AVA Solar

Develop a process for making
inexpensive solar cells.

AVA solar is a company that was established keeping in mind to serve the mankind through solar power generation. It is no doubt that they have succeeded in their motto by developing the process of making inexpensive solar cells. The process was a joint effort by the AVA researchers and researchers from Colorado State University. The whole project was led by W.S Sampath.

Development process of AVA-solar cells

Overview of AVA-solar cells: For preparing the solar panels, AVA researchers have used cadmium and telluride. These materials have already being used by other solar cell company but AVA solar cell processing is totally different from them. They have used thin-film technology.

Step by step manufacturing process of AVA cells

    Raw material for AVA cells is cadmium. Cadmium is a byproduct obtained from the zinc and copper mines. But cadmium is an excellent semi conductor and very much useful in the solar panel industry. After the recovery of the cadmium, it is being encapsulated in glass. Encapsulation will enhance the life of the cell.

  • Now the manufacturing part comes. AVA cells are prepared by using dry manufacturing process. The encapsulation and drying process is a continuous one which gives higher material utilization than comparable techniques. This practice not only increases the life of the panel but also reduces waste and energy usage.
  • Design of AVA cells is the most fascinating part. AVA cells are so designed to receive maximum solar energy and with high efficiency. Efficiency in the sense, the total solar energy received by AVA cell and then its conversion into electricity. Any profitable solar cell can produce more electricity with less solar energy.

    But AVA-solar cells have some specialty in their design. The solar modules are designed like so, that it can be dismantled easily. The AVA solar panels are very easy to recycle too. The recycle programs of AVA cells are very effective. Each and every part of it can be recycled with complete environment stewardship. According to the research over 95% of the cells can be recycled.

  • Now the end use of AVA cells come. If you installed once, you need not to worry for at least 25 years. AVA cells produce clean and renewable electricity with no additional inputs.

Thus we have seen the step by step procedure of manufacturing of inexpensive solar cells. AVA solar cells have patented its manufacturing process. The whole process is fully automated and scalable.

The specialty of AVA cells is its cheap installation cost. It just requires $1 per watt which is quite affordable for everyone. In the other way we can say that AVA cells require 1/8th of today’s average installed cost.

Now with this much reduction in AVA solar panel installation charges, it is being a very common thing in every household. The energy produced by AVA cells over their lifetime is almost equivalent to that of 2.6 million tons of coal, 2.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gases and 198 tons of radioactive uranium. So AVA panels are the cheapest one in its own kind with environment and mankind friendly output.

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