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Casio Atomic Solar Watch

One of the latest and the newest innovation in wristwatches technology is the Casio Atomic Solar watch with the combine ruggedness of a G-Shock and the convenience and technology of a solar powered watch. Casio indeed is focusing in these solar-powered and radio controlled watches with equipped inherent solar battery that will eventually eliminates the hassle and pain in the neck of replacing batteries.

This shock-resistant design had made this Casio Atomic Solar Watch an extraordinary timepiece. The toughness can be evident with its construction in an indestructible resin case, a fixed bezel made in stainless steel and a white color resin wristband with adjustable buckle clasp which enable the users for a personalized fit. An indestructible mineral window protects the digital dial face holding the features of the time display, day, date and month. In order to fit any activity of the user, features like the mode, adjust, forward and reverse button is included. Also, it is water resistant up to 660 feet.

On the other hand, the radio-controlled function enables the user to never have to be bothered in resetting the time, though it was quite complex feature in this watch.

Specifically, the radio-controlled function constitutes a revolution in the time-keeping technology with the enhanced development of high radio waves.

Casio Atomic Solar watches receives time calibration signals transmitted from the atomic clock of the National Institute of Standards and Technology located in Fort Collins, Colorado. The signal strength is dependent on your proximity to the source and those living within 600 miles of Fort Collins have the fastest chance of capturing the signal.

For those who are far enough from the source and finding it hard to reach the signal, the G-Shock will tell you that it cannot receive the signal and automatically revert back to its current programmed time.

Also, it has the ability to record up to 30 different and distinct start and stop times likewise double like a split-time stopwatch that can record two finishes.

Therefore, anyone wearing this watch will be well furnished in performing his time keeping duties. Professionals on the go will appreciate the ability of this atomic solar watch to display world time in 26 multiple time zones, 30 cities.

Another outstanding feature is the durability that is able to endure shock and water to 200 meters. Indeed, it is most suitable while chilling at the beach, mountain climbing, biking or tramping to a campsite.

Solar charging, which its main feature has no hassle at all because the reception of the solar charger can draw power from either of the sun or any man-made light. It is also equipped with a handy power meter. To promote the brand's reputation for toughness, it is backed up with one-year warranty.

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