How is solar energy used?

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how is solar energy used?

At this present age, solar energy is one of the most promising renewable sources of energy. Most of the countries, due to scarcity of non-renewable sources of energy, are concentrating on solar energy as their prime source of energy.

Solar energy is proved to be the most clean and easily available source of energy. Sunlight has immense power of heat energy in it, which if by any means gets trapped can be proved to be useful in various areas.

One of the most common ways to trap the sunlight is solar panel. Solar panel is made up of voltaic cells which can easily store the heat energy in the form of chemical energy.

Now these solar panels are implemented in various fields to produce electrical energy.

How is solar energy used? find out some simple and easy way to use solar energy.

  • Solar cooker
    The best and simplest example of trapping solar energy and being used by humans is solar cooker. Solar cooker directly trap the solar energy and uses its heat for cooking and baking. It is very simple to use and does not require solar panel and any other technical knowledge. So any one within short period of time with some basic knowledge can prepare it.
  • Solar water heater
    It is also one of the most common example of using sunlight as the energy source. Here solar collectors are used to absorb the sunlight in the form of chemical energy. Solar water heater is used for mainly heating the water during the winter seasons. Solar collectors are installed over the roof and connected directly to the water pipe. As the panel receives the heat from sunlight it will transfer to the incoming cold water. Incoming water gets heated and come out through outlet vent as hot water which is then used for bathing, washing, etc.
  • Solar batteries
    Here solar panels are being used to produce electricity. Solar panel will absorb the solar heat in the daytime and then stores it in the form of chemical energy. Now in the night time, these solar panels can be used to light the bulbs, run water pumps, etc. Solar batteries are easily available in the market.
  • Solar water purifier
    To purify impure water solar energy can be used. Solar energy evaporates the water and thus leaves various impurities behind. Pure water can be collected by condensing the water vapors. Solar water purifier is very easy to prepare and install. It requires very less manpower and almost negligible technical knowledge. By simply studying the basic construction of solar water purification, anyone can install it in their home.
  • Solar fountains
    Solar fountains are the modified form of existing water fountains. Solar fountains use solar energy for pumping water instead of electrical energy as the other conventional fountains do.
and the list continues to grow...


Solar energy is now being used frequently by people because of its simplicity. Solar energy is abundant in nature and that to be free of cost. Third world is the main consumer of solar energy. They are using solar energy in the form of solar cooker, solar batteries and solar water heaters. Solar energy is clean and eco-friendly so less harmful for the society.

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