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REC Solar Company Grants and Programs

An increasing number of states are offering solar power incentives through solar rebates to further encourage their citizens to adapt the solar power system. The solar rebate varies depending on the State but in most cases, it covers a substantial portion of the installation cost.

The acronym REC stands for Renewable Energy Credit. The company was created because of the alarming status of the global warming and to offset the hazard effects of the greenhouse gases.

REC Solar, Inc focuses more on grid-tied solar electric installation and design and offers the latest innovations, of highest degree equipment and funding opportunities for all residential and commercial customers.

It is concentrated on the quality of the output and has maintained dedicated engineers, installers and designers for an easy customer support providing solutions to the customers. For many years, REC had created a trusted name in the market because it focuses on professionalism, quality, and excellent customer service.

REC Solar also cares about the environmental impact as a company. With the partnership from the in house environmental management committee, they are continually making steps to reduce carbon footprint, contributing to a greener world.

The primary environmental impact of the company is the fuel-efficient program in automobile applications. Solar energy consultants are starting driving hybrid vehicles. And they began converting their installation trucks with biodiesel in locations where this fuel is available.

They make their every effort not only in selling environmental friendly products but an ecologically sensitive company as well.

REC Solar had been one of the largest photovoltaic installation companies that had installed several million watts of installed solar power system and are currently serving Arizona, Colorado, California, New Jersey, Hawaii and Oregon residents and company owners. Since 2006, REC Solar had been regarded by the California Energy Commission as one of the top solar system installation company.

The sole vision of REC solar is to make the solar electricity a part of the mainstream of energy supply by commercializing the renewable energy sources that reduces the greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuels, thus contributing to a secure and more sustainable world.

They have the program that encourage household and companies to produce solar and plant trees to reduce the greenhouse gases. By doing this, you are creating RECs.

You can save these RECs because other companies can purchase these RECs from you to offset the greenhouse gases that they are producing from e.g. burning coal to generate their electricity. By buying RECs from you, the emitting company are paying for their environmental impact while at the same time generating profits for your cleaner business.

The general plan thus, is to produce a market around RECs and at the same time, promoting an environment friendly economy.

The application in this program is simple. Each state has its designated and prescribed way of application for the solar incentive. There are states that require application before, other can have their application afterwards. DSIRE website can provide the incentive requirements needed before installing your solar system.

Most of the states have the requirement that the solar system be installed by an esteemed and reputable installer and must have warranty. This requirement is strictly implemented because oftentimes, a program has needed specifications, for instance, your solar system must generate power to supply at least half of your power needs. Reputable installers are reliable in determining your power needs and the computation of how much power will your panels supply.

Most importantly, the earlier you go to the department and discuss the matter, the better. They are willing to aid you and supply you with the necessary information that you will need.

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