Solar Energy Basics Type

2 Solar Energy Basics Type
Active and Passive Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most abundant sources of energy. It is easily available to everyone. In the past, usage of solar energy was limited to drying things.

But at the present age, people have learn to harness the power of heat from sunlight. Solar energy can be used either actively or passively.

Active form of solar energy means usage of various external sources of energy in storing the heat. But passive mode of solar energy does not require any kind external sources. Now we will briefly discuss about 2 solar energy basics type separately.

Active solar energy

Active solar energy is nothing but the implementation of various other forms of energy sources in converting solar energy to heat or electrical energy.

Solar energy consists of ample amount of heat. If we want to generate electricity from the solar energy then solar panels are required. Moreover other mechanical equipments such as pump, motor and fans are also required.

We can’t directly store the heat of sunlight in the solar panel. Solar panels not only store the solar energy but also enhance the heating power.

Active solar energy is little bit expensive because here lots of other equipments are getting involved. Solar panel is the first one where you have to invest a lot.

Then according the work to be done, you need to add more specifications. If you are installing a solar water heater in your home then extra equipments like be pump, pipes and wires will be required.

So it is clear that handling active solar energy is bit expensive but one thing is assured that the end result will be perfect. Here you can extract the most from the sun because active solar energy is technically superior to passive form.

Passive solar energy

Passive solar energy won’t let you to spend more. It follows very basic principle of trapping the solar energy. It is not that much typical as active solar energy is.

Passive solar energy does not requires other form of sources. The basic principle behind passive solar energy is to trap the solar energy by using some perfect construction. Solar energy can easily be trapped by using glass windows and tanks. Thus it is very cheap and easily available.

Passive solar energy won’t give the expected result. Passive form can generally be used for home applications only and cannot be used for industrial purposes. Passive form is not very efficient and is unable to trap the whole sunlight.

From the 2 solar energy basics type which one is better

Active and passive solar energy are the methods of trapping solar energy for the future use. If you want to invest more money then you should go for active mode and get the best result. But, if you are reluctant to spend less then passive mode will be a great option for you.

An active solar energy gives more flexibility in house design, but the system adds costs to cover the heat storage and collector system.

As for passive solar energy, it will limits you in storing a large amount of heat to hold for several cloudy days. Additionally you must design the home so that most windows are on the south side.

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