Solar Power Canada

Solar Power Canada
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Solar energy is becoming prominent source energy day by day and countries are investing a lot to trap as much solar energy as they can. They are introducing lots of new techniques for solar power generations.

More solar panels and collectors installed throughout the country to maximize the solar power generations. But since solar power is not available equally to all countries, some countries are still far behind in solar power generations.

Mostly cold countries, where out of 12 months 9 months will be temperature below 10 C, cannot harvest solar energy to the maximum. Canada is one of the few examples of such countries where temperature will be below 5 C throughout the year.

Solar energy and Canada

  • Canada is in 12th position worldwide in PV installed capacity. Canada has installed only 0.5 W/capita of PV panels. It is very less and requires more attention towards it, if they want to harvest solar energy more.
  • Regarding solar thermal installed capacity, Canada is again far behind. Canada acquires 10th position worldwide and produces just 0.02 collectors per capita. It is very less in quantity.
  • In the case of international solar (PV) funding, again Canada holds 15th position. Canadian government spent only 0.01$ can per capita for PV public budgets. So it is clearly represents that Canada is investing a less amount for PV public budgets for R&D, demonstration, market simulation

Grants for Solar Power Canada

If you are interested in installing a solar water heater then you might be eligible for ecoEnergy grant which includes $ 500 can.

But it is necessary that the system should be the new one. Dual solar grant is available for residence of Ontario. For installing a solar water heater energy system in Ontario, you will be accompanied with $ 1000 can under the federal grant and Ontario Home Energy rebate system.

To qualify for incentives you must get a home energy assessment before and after your upgrades. It is mainly for ecoEnergy grant system.

You can be also benefited through Solar B.C program of B.C Sustainable Energy Association and can get $1,000 can for basic installation charges.

Under the LiveSmartBC program, you will be provided additional rebate of $5,000can integrated with federal ecoEnergy grant system.

To replace the existing solar power system with the new one, Canadian government provides retrofits. So if you wish to replace your solar water system or ventilation system then do it now and get some attractive incentives and retrofits from the government.

So from the above discussion, it is clear that Canada is very much keen towards solar energy and wants to utilize it to the maximum. If Canadian government, industries and individuals work together in future then they can easily achieve their goals of harvesting solar energy to the max.

Solar panels in Canada

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