BP Solar Panels

BP Solar Panels
What's so special about this solar panel brand?

BP as one of world's biggest integrated energy company has wide vision and is looking for more than the conventional energy choices. They further believe that in order to conserve and preserve the earth's treasured resources for future generations, focus must be shifted on cleaner technologies such as the solar energy.

With more than 30 years of solar experience and over 160 countries have undergone solar installation, BP Solar became one of the world’s biggest solar companies. Manufacturing facilities are located in United States, India, Spain and Australia.

The most fundamental part on the business BP in Alternative energy is its global company that constitutes over 2200 employees with the sole focus on harnessing the energy of the sun to generate solar power for consumer’s electricity. They design, manufacture and sell the best solar electric system for businesses and homeowners.

It is the vision of BP Solar to supply the top-most quality solar products and services. The products are built with reliability and had undergone rigidly accurate internal tests and international certifications to assure maximum peak performance and safety.

In reality, the company BP itself is one of the biggest commercial users of energy of the sun in the world, utilizing their own products in their service stations, offices and plants. To sum all of the BP Solar Modules that have been installed worldwide is equivalent and will compensate around 14 million tons or carbon dioxide or the same as planting over five million acres of trees.

BP Solar panels SX20U is a solar module that is capable of providing effective photovoltaic power needed for DC loads and is perfect for small battery charging. It is composed of 36 series multi-crystalline cells that can generate 20 watts. Along with the package is the universal aluminum frame that supports the panel and also accommodates any optional mounting bracket.

On the other hand, BP Solar panels BP3160B is a photovoltaic module that is engineered to generate superior performance and value for general purposes. With multi-crystalline that are tested with time and equipped with polarized connectors that can speed up the installation. Also, it can generate cost effective power not only for DC loads but also for AC loads with an inverter.

Built with 72 intensified-efficiency cells connected in series, it can charge 24V or any of its multiple batteries with efficiency in any climate. The nominal maximum power generated is 160 watts and is useful for residence use and centralized power generations in commercial buildings. Applications for the remote locations include distant villages and homes, telecommunication systems, land based navigation aids and irrigation. For charging 24 volt only, multiple panels can be wired in series.

Bp solar panelsAnother useful model is the BP solar panels 40w that is considered to be one of the best in small solar panel applications in the market. It is of the highest quality and exceedingly reliable with its 25 years warranty.

They are best suitable for portable applications like boats, 4WD’s and RV’s. It is composed of advanced multi-crystalline cells with a nominal output of 12V, making it suitable for battery charging, remote industrial applications and rural electrifications. It has been tested for effectiveness even in high temperatures and with its sturdy and strong design, making it durable and easy to set up in the field.

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