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Building Solar Panels - Instructions, Tools And Tips

Building solar panels take preparation, knowledge and the right tools. Learn how to build solar panels here.

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building solar panels
There are many excellent websites that instruct you step by step on how to build solar panels and solar cells. Before you decide to begin a DIY project however there are a few things you should consider. This article will help you determine if building solar panels is a project that you should undertake.

Learning how to build solar panels is not an easy task to undertake but it is possible and it can be done although it is very helpful if you have previous experience and knowledge about electricity and how electricity works.

Make certain you have explicit instructions and that they are accurate! It is even more important that you are able to clearly understand them. If you don't understand the instructions get help from a professional before beginning. Lastly, you must have that most elusive of qualities "stick-to-it-iveness". It takes a lot concentration and work. If you are not willing to see the project through and take the time necessary to learn before you start then do not proceed.

In the same way, electricity is very dangerous to work with so you must take the time to learn and understand electricity and how to safely work with electricity and circuits. If you are not willing to do that or to engage a professional to assist you then do not move forward with trying to put together a solar panel or DIY solar system.

Building Solar Panels

The tools

Solar panels can generally be built for between $100 and $150 as long as you know where to get good deals on the parts you will need. These figures also include the cost of tools you will need to build the panel if you do not already own them. These tools are fairly basic and can be bought at most hardware stores.

Some of the tools that you will need when building solar panels include:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdrivers
  • DC meter
  • Solderer

Make sure you have all of the parts and tools you will need to complete at least one panel. You will regret attempting to put together a panel if you fail to have everything you need from the very start.

If possible work in a area which can be locked and separated from the normal living areas of your home (garage, workshed etc). This is especially important if you have children because you will be working with electricity and electricity KILLS!

Create a secure place where you place your batteries that is well away from children. Lock them up. Take every precaution possible to avoid dangerous exposure to electrical components.

If there is anything you do not clearly understand about working with electricity get help from an expert! Don't take chances with your own life or the lives of your family.

To learn more about safety when working with electricity, click here.


You need to calculate how much power you want to generate, the space you will need for your panel(s), where the panel(s) will be mounted and where the remaining equipment to utilize the panel will be placed.

It is also helpful to calculate how long you think it will take and where you will work on the project to ensure safety and enough working space.


Before you begin to build your own solar panel it is advisable to watch a complete video on how a panel is constructed and installed. If possible do your project on a sunny day or schedule it for a sunny weekend. That will allow you to test each step as you go.

There is no substitute for preparation, study and understanding. If you fail to study, prepare or understand even one small part of the instructions you are almost guaranteed to waste a good deal of time and money. If you are fully prepared and you have done your homework (study & understanding) then you will be well on your way to building a solar panel that can help save you money.

It is highly unlikely you will be able to learn how to build a successful, working solar panel using free articles or videos you see on the internet because the process is significantly more complex. Many of the instructions available on the net provide basic information but lack critical steps or information- especially if you have no prior experience working with electrical equipment.

It is appropriate to reiterate that this project involves electricity so take this project seriously. Get the best information available, consult with professional electricians, make sure you have everything you need, STUDY, UNDERSTAND the process and the specific instructions and PREPARE carefully.

Building solar panels can be a very satisfying and rewarding project. it is very important that you use accurate and reliable step by step instructions designed specifically for this purpose. Always ask for help and support if there is anything you do not feel confident about or understand.

Instructive videos

If you really want to succeed at building a Renewable Energy System we suggest you start with watching this video to get you an idea of the work involved.


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