Cheap Solar Power - Tips To Achieve It

Tips and Tricks for
Obtaining Cheap Solar Power

Generating cheap solar energy may be quite difficult as it is to look for cheap solar panels. The solar panel industry is fast growing and at the same time, the demand is rising, making the prices high. Below are some tips and tricks on how to obtain and install cheap solar panels.

  • Make your own solar panels. Some people hearing this may find it difficult but in reality, the technology is very simple and easy to understand. With the increasing production rate of solar panels, you can readily purchase solar cells in local hardware stores or in some online stores. Here is one of the best deal I've found for solar panel kits.

    You can save more than 70% if you will buy your own solar cells and make the panel compared to purchasing the pre-made kits. Little skill like soldering is required with minimal tools to finish the job.

  • Choose second hand or used solar panels. With the recent recession state, selling and purchasing second hand solar panels had been in higher demand. The only requirement needed is just a basic understanding on how to install it and determine how the mechanism works.

  • If you have the knowledge of building your own solar panels, yet you don't have any tools, you can always hand in the information to a person that will do the work for you. Select a worker that offers excellent telephone support. If something goes wrong and you needed advice, make sure he will always be there.

  • Start cutting down your power needs. The lesser the needed power, the lesser cost will you need to install a solar power system.

  • Solar ovens are the best way to save electricity. Use the sun's energy to cook your meals.

  • Have your home installed with solar powered water heater. There are inexpensive solar water heaters that are capable of reducing your heating bill by 40 to 50%. Water heaters require less expenditures than a complete solar system.For a comprehensive guide on Solar Water Heating, click here. (Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series)

  • Be updated of the latest technology that will hit in the retail market of solar power systems. The aim of the recent innovations is to improve the traditional designs especially in the capability of collecting spectrum light that the old model of solar panels can't.

  • Bear in mind that the Cost of the solar panels constitutes only half of the total solar system cost. Consider of equal importance an inverter that is able to change the power to the generally used 110V. Deep cycle batteries, charge controller and several wires and hardware materials that will be needed during the installation. Make sure that all components are compatible with each other. These items can add to the overall solar system cost.

  • Cheap solar power will not be considered very cheap if you spend a lot of time and money and eventually end up with little savings. If you are planning to save money, do it wisely.

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