Disadvantages of Solar Energy - Yes There Are A Few!

A list of the disadvantages of solar energy
to compare with advantages of solar energy

Solar energy is not always fruitful though it has lots of advantages compared to its disadvantages. Solar energy is mostly advantageous but there are some downsides that might be good to know.

Here are the disadvantages of solar energy:

  • Availability: Though solar energy is abundantly available, it is not available in the night time. It means we need to take some extra precautions before installing solar panels. It is necessary to use batteries for storing solar energy for the night time. Installation of battery will ask extra technical support and more money. During rainy or cloudy day, you can't use solar energy and you have to be relying on conventional energy sources.
  • Positioning: Though solar energy is available in ample amount, we need to keep the solar panel in such a place where most of the sunlight falls. Due to unavailability of space, people are reluctant to use solar panels. Solar panel should be placed according to the presence of sunlight.
  • Installation charges: To install a solar panel requires quite a bit of money to be spent. Solar panels are costly. If you can't find readymade solar panels that suit your needs, having them tailormade is even more expensive.
  • Pollution: Pollution can adversely affect the solar panels. Pollution can degrade the photovoltaic cells and if it is damaged once then it becomes necessary to install new one. Photovoltaic cell is the heart of any solar panel so you should be very careful regarding safety of these panels.
  • Space: Installing a solar panel will require space. So if you are living in an apartment then it becomes almost impossible to use solar panels, unless you have a big, sunny balcony. However, if you are living in an individual house then also you need some large space for it. Roofs will the best option for placing solar panels but some people may think that they destroy the gorgeous look of their house. So either you have to sacrifice your house's beauty or the cheap source of energy.
  • Continuity: solar energy is a continuous form of energy during day time. So, if you are using solar energy in the form of solar cooker then it will become very hard to control its heat. You have to check the solar cooker regularly with a gap of half an hour so that heat should not burn the food.


Solar energy is easy to be used and can be used to the core but there are some restrictions. These disadvantages are not that serious but still noticeable.

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