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Simple Instructions For A
DIY Solar Power Fountain

DIY Solar Power

If you enjoy finding new things for your garden, then a solar fountain might be something for you.

Fountains are becoming very popular nowadays, so if you too want one you can install a small or big one in your garden. Using solar power to run it is perfect and makes you get rid of wires in your garden (not to mention the lack of extra dollars on your electricity bill.) But if you can't afford the electricity cost for running it continuously then you can switch over to solar fountains.

Solar fountains are not only be used in the daytime only as per general thinking, but it can be used in the night time also. You can have a very noisy with water splashing like Niagara Falls, or you can go for calm and composed one with gentle trickle.

Solar fountain have the basic advantage over others is that, it can work 24×7 with less distracting wires and almost free of cost.

The basic components required for your diy solar power fountain

  1. Two reservoirs
  2. A fountain
  3. Polymer clay baked over in the oven to make critters and river rocks.
  4. A small aquatic pump.
  5. Solar panels or PV solar module kit.
  6. Battery
  7. valve

Step by step guide to install a diy solar power fountain

diy solar power fountainIt is not very difficult to install a solar fountain because it won’t require much technical knowledge.

The very first thing you have to is to prepare the basic fountain part. These reservoirs can be easily available at nurseries because they charge less around $20.

You have seal the cracks and leakage of the reservoir with silicon sealant and make it perfect so that water can be leaked through it.

Try to prepare some solid support structure so that it can help in supporting those heavy reservoirs. Arrange valve and copper tube of 4” long also.

Now place one reservoir over the support and another one below of it. Fix all the valves and check the flow with the hose. You can adjust the flow to your wish.

So when you finished the basic structure of the fountain come to technical part of it. Now you have to install the pump in the lower reservoir as low as possible.

Connect the pump wire to the solar panel but before you have to add battery in between them so that heat energy can be stored in the form of electrical energy.

Solar panel or PV solar module should be place properly facing the sunlight. Once all the wiring gets done, you can start your solar fountain.

But be careful that upper reservoir should be quarterly filled and lower reservoir a little bit only then you can start the pump.


Solar fountain is gaining popularity day by day because of its low cost of installation as compared to conventional ones. It consumes no electricity at all and can be used in the night time too by using batteries. So you can say solar fountain is just a masterpiece with elegance.

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