DIY Solar Water Heater

DIY Solar Water Heater
How To Easily Make Your Own Water Heater

The use of solar water heaters increases day by day in present life to save dollar to save pollution. The article will make you understand its working principle and how much will cost you to build it or to have it.

Generally it needs two pipes connected with a solar collector and a water tank. The explanation is quit simple. Solar energy collected by its collector and giving heating effect to water contained in it. This heated water sends to storage tank through the pipes. Finally this hot water we get in various places in our house as we need it.

Solar water heaters mainly are two types; active and passive. The active solar heater pump is uses to circulate the hot water. Where as in passive type greavitical force is use to send hot water in require places for utility purpose. So, no pump motor is require in passive type further reduces energy cost.

Now, let us see the cost of solar water heater. To have solar water heater we have two options to choose. The first option is to go to market and have commercial one which is expensive no doubt. Now next option definitely best one if you do it yourself (DIY). The cost will reduce drastically if you make yourself with kit available in market.

To build a DIY solar water heater is not difficult one. A batch solar water heater needs water tank which to be placed inside the well insulated box and a glass top. A solar collector, at least two pipes, and some fitting materials are necessary can be easily gets from local hardware shop.

Calculate the Size of Your Solar Water Heater

You need to heat water to nearly 115 degree F and the required quantity of hot water will decide the size of the heater. A long narrow tank generally have more surface space allowing for more glazing results fast heating effect. To heat 2 gallons of water, needs one square feet of glazing inside the water heater.

Placement of the solar water heater

The water tank of the solar water heater must be mounted vertically to have best results. The out going pipe which carries hot water to be fitted at upper tank to have water with maximum hot, as principally hot water stay at top layer.

Insulation needed to Solar Water Heater

The water tank has to be properly insulated to have better heating efficiency of the solar water heater. A good constructed insulated box having proper glazing (preferable double glazing) serve solar collector in effective way. The water tank painted with black color will add up water heating inside the tank. To avoid frost damage, incoming and out going pipes through the heater are to be insulated properly to avoid heating loss.

A little effort with general knowledge easily you can build a DIY Solar Water Heater and can save a lot of energy bill every month every year and feel you technically sound.

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Worry that you can't make one, why don't you buy one. Check out which type is the best.

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