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If you are considering adding solar power to your home or making energy efficiency improvements, the first thing you should do is take the time to review all of the financial incentives available to you to help decrease the costs of your renewable energy project.

If you live in the US you can use the DSIRE database (abbrevation for The Database Of State Incentives For Renewables And Efficiency), which is a comprehensive source of information on state, local, utility and federal incentives and policies that promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The database was established in 1995 and is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. The DSIRE database is an ongoing project of the N.C. Solar Center and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council and best of all, it contains accurate, up-to-date information! That cannot be said about many other online resources providing information about solar grants and rebates in the US.

There are several benefits to using the DSIRE database:

  • First off, as I said, the information is maintained so you receive the most current information on incentive and rebate programs.
  • Secondly, it provides information by state simplifying the process of locating programs applicable to your specific area.
  • Third, it provides programs that relate to energy efficiency as well as renewable power installations.
  • Lastly, it provides all incentives and special programs being run by your local utility providers.

When you click on your state it will bring up another page organized by category where you can check out different programs by clicking on the link. You will also find very helpful information regarding rules, policies, regulations and related programs and initiatives if you would like to learn more about what's happening in the green sector.

Many states have strong energy efficiency programs and the range of programs may surprise you. It is even possible your plans will change or your project increase in size once you identify what type of funding and rebates apply to your project.

Once you have reviewed all of the financial options available to you using the database the next step is to speak with the dealer or professional you want to work with. Share your information about incentives with them because they may know of additional funding available for your project and they are experts at assisting customers with the paperwork required to claim all of the incentives and rebates.

The DSIRE database will help take the mystery and frustration out of searching for incentives and rebates that relate to your project, so get started by visiting

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