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Energy-10 Software Review

Facilitates your solar home design. Learn more about this software for energy-efficient building design here.

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energy-10 software

ENERGY-10 is a powerful software design tool that can analyze and model the energy and cost savings that can be achieved by implementing one or more sustainable design strategies.

The software provides hourly energy simulations that help you quantify, assess, and illustrate the benefits of daylighting, passive solar heating, natural ventilation, well-insulated building envelopes, better thermal windows, lighting systems, mechanical equipment, and more.

Energy-10 Software Features

Applications and features

This software makes it possible for building designers to anticipate and predict the energy operation and performance of a building at very early stages in the development process. House designs are evaluated on the amount of passive cooling and solar gain predicted for specific locations within the proposed building.

Designs are easily altered at these early development stages so the software allows you to experiment with your designs to ensure the design optimizes all passive solar, sustainable building strategies and now even active solar power applications. Using the software you can make better educated decisions regarding your overall building plans and sustainable project goals.

Here are the different features of the software:

Auto build

This is a pre-designed tool wizard that helps you create a reference case building. You will need the following information inputs:

  • the building use category
  • location
  • HVAC
  • size (sq ft)
  • utility rates

The software will do the evaluation and define a reference case building throughout this pre-design phase. The concise and clear graphical output will allow you to assess systematically where major savings can be gained in cooling, heating and lighting costs.


This feature is used to select from the menu of EESs or Energy Efficient Strategies that will allow you to make your own Low-Energy Maintenance Case Building. The Reference Case mentioned above will be used as the basis of the comparison.


This feature consecutively applies and prioritizes the energy efficient strategies then later evaluates the outcome and suggests the best as well as the optimal choices for building energy efficiency. The software also allows you to arrive at your own recommendations and selections based on the most desirable and favorable returns about upfront investments.


Energy-10 has many default values using the reference of national averages of different building types. These are the values that will allow the user to quickly analyze the building even during the pre-design phase, although it limits information on the final outcome of the building. The values can be edited as you continue through the design development based on actual local costs you may be able to obtain.

The newest version

In the current version (1.8) there are some interesting new features included:

  • A photovoltaic module that provides the ability to model and simulate the performance of a PV system that is either stand-alone or integrated with the building.
  • A solar domestic hot water module that provides a new solar domestic/service hot water modeling capability.
  • A new library ("ASHRAELIB") is included defining constructions (wall, roof, window, etc.) as spelled out in ASHRAE 90.1-2004.

Why use the Energy-10 software

You (or your clients) will have a lot to gain with a home or building that is designed to be energy-efficient and optimize natural energy saving techniques.

Utilizing climate data that is site-specific, the software will then help analyze the combination of system, materials and site location that will yield the greatest energy savings and provide the highest level of sustainability resulting in reduced emissions and overall costs.

This powerful software tool will aid you in making informed decisions regarding energy performance throughout the crucial early stages of a building design. Energy-10 helps to make estimates based on integrated building designs with a minimal amount of information helping you to optimize the building system to deliver above average sustainability and energy efficiency performance.

Costs and place to buy it

The Energy-10 software can be bought through The Sustainable Buildings Industry Council in Washington, D.C.. The cost depends on how many licenses you'll need. One license is currently around $375. For 5 users, the cost is $690 and for 10 users, it is $1380. If you have an old version, you can upgrade to the newest version for a smaller cost.

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