Future Solar Energy

Future Solar Energy
in Different Countries' Projects

Solar energy has already proved itself as one of the most promising renewable sources of energy. Solar energy is abundant and very easy to get it. Solar energy is totally free of cost and proved as the cleanest energy source.

Many developed and developing countries are investing a lot in the field of solar energy. They are trying their best to tap most of the solar energy for the usage of mankind. Countries like USA, Japan, Germany, Spain and many more has done lots of research in the field of solar power energy.

They are seeing solar energy as one of the most prominent source of energy because of the scarcity of the existing conventional ones. Every country has plans for the future solar energy projects and they are currently working on it to finish it up soon.

Country and their future solar energy projects:

United States of America

USA has currently working on many solar projects which is estimated to get finish in the year of 2011. The Nevada Solar One is expected to produce around 64MW. This solar energy project is 20% more efficient than the existing one in the same state because of the improvements in the design of the heat collecting and receiver tubes.

See the video of The Nevada Solar One

In the deserts of Nevada one more valuable solar project is currently under processing. Nellis Air force Base is having 15MW capacity of PV solar panels and military base is generating 25% of total energy through it. Web giant Google is also running a similar project for their Googolplex headquarters which is capable of generating power for at least 1000 homes.

Take a look of Googleplex which taken from above. As you can see they install 9,212 solar panels that cover the rooftops of eight buildings and two solar carports at the Googleplex. This installation produces enough electricity to power 30% of Google's peak electricity demand in our solar powered buildings at our Mountain View, CA headquarters. That's the equivalent of approximately 1,000 California homes.



Solar tower of Australia is capable of producing 200MW of energy. This project has a very simple principle for achieving commercial scale power generation with low ongoing maintenance cost. Australian government is also planning to install the world’s largest photovoltaic power station which will be capable of producing 154MW of electricity.

EnviroMission has since 2001 proposed to build a solar updraft tower power generating station known as Solar Tower Buronga at a location near Buronga, New South Wales. Technical details of the project are difficult to obtain and the present status of the project is uncertain.

On 18 March 2007, the company board announced a merger with the US-based SolarMission Technologies, Inc., but the relationship was terminated on November 1, 2007.

Source wikipedia

United Kingdom

CIS TowerThe CIS tower in Manchester is one of the best examples of producing electricity with the help of renewable energy sources. This project is a perfect display of the use of available surfaces for generating electricity.

The CIS Tower was clad in PV panels at a cost of £5.5 million and started feeding electricity to the national grid in November 2005


The most populated country of the world china is also not behind in this race. They are planning to build solar generator by the end of 2020 that will produce 1000MW of electricity. It is going to launch in the northern Inner Mongolia region.

Read on their press release


In India, most of the future solar projects are funded by The Clinton Foundation. This foundation is helping India for its project named Integrated Solar City. It is expected to produce 5GW electricity with a total cost of $5 billion. It will both provide solar energy and manufacture solar materials.

Clinton Backing World’s Largest Solar Project in India, Report Says

It is very necessary for countries to think about alternate sources of energy because all the non-renewable sources are going to finish soon. It will be a wise step to draw some plans and get started for the future solar power generation.

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