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The Secrets Of Going Solar

Going solar... Hidden ways to go solar for a few hundred dollars... Scams... What is the truth?

going solar

Using Solar Energy - The Secret

So what's the big secret of going solar? There is none. As with any new technology it may seem secretive and complicated at first but after it has been around for awhile it becomes commonplace and the mystery all but disappears.

Solar power has now been around for a few decades. Advances in solar technology have made the process of going solar easier and more affordable than ever. The best tip we can provide to you is to find a solar expert to help assess, plan and implement your solar power system. The expertise of your consultant will make your transition to solar a lot easier and it will prevent you from making some very expensive mistakes.

With the increase in solar cell manufacturing, new technologies such as thin film PV and concentrated solar the cost and availability of solar power materials and systems continues to drop. With lower retail costs and government incentives, solar power is a relatively affordable option today.

How about homemade systems?

You may have seen multiple ads and sites featuring homemade solar panels for under $200.00. For small projects you can in fact make your own solar panels and use them to run things like a light bulb or a pool heater, but if you want a system that will run all of your electrical appliances, lighting and water heating you need to invest in a professional system. Homemade panels are too inefficient for large scale projects. They require a lot of room and it becomes more expensive to build a large system than to purchase a higher efficiency professionally manufactured solar system. If someone on or off Internet tries to convince you of the opposite, they simply aren't telling you the truth.

Prohibitive upfront costs?

The common assumption is that installing solar power means large upfront investments but going solar doesn't necessarily mean high costs. There are many passive solar techniques you can implement inexpensively or at no cost along with smaller solar systems or natural daylighting systems that are very affordable and require less of an upfront investment.

The important thing is to learn as much as possible about both passive and active solar power and then make the decision to begin replacing some of your fossil fuel generated energy with clean renewable energy. Remember, you don't have to do everything all at once. You can stage your transition to solar power and begin with small scale projects or partial solar power.

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