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Ground Mount Solar Installation Videos

Learn how a ground mount solar installation is done...

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A ground mount solar installation is quite a big job. If you are considering to carry it out yourself, watch the below ground mount solar installation videos to get an impression of how to carry it out. This knowledge is also useful when discussing the installation with any solar contractor you may hire.

Instructions: When watching the video clips, start the videos by clicking the small arrow down to the left, not the large one in the middle of the screen. If you're using Internet Explorer as your browser and the video doesn't start, try clicking twice on the small arrow.

Ground Mount Solar Installation Videos

Preparing for an installation

This first video will show you a preparation of an installation. It won't teach you exactly hat to do, but it definitely highlight the importance of preparation.

The installation

The next two solar installation video clips will show you how the ground mount solar installation is done. It is quite labor intensive, I would say. video clips are about the relative size of the planets and stars. Beautiful and mind-blowing. We are such a small part of the universe; not much point to argue about who should do the dishes...

This second video will show you the installation of a 10 kW ground mount system. It doesn't show you the actual installation taking place, but rather different details of the system and how it has been installed.

And here is another video of a system of 10 kw with 44 solar panels. It shows how it has been built and gives information about the system.

And here is a whole installation being carried out in just 3 minutes.

More Solar Energy Videos


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