Homemade Solar Panels

Homemade solar panels
Understanding the concept of
how to build your own solar panel

Homemade Solar Panels

Well, there are a lot of guides on how to make your own solar panel, and there is a lot of information in those guides. To make homemade solar panel you will need casing for those panels, some electronics to be used to increase the tension, and also a few types of solar cells with different properties. So it would be nice to get this guide if you have seriously decided on building the solar panels yourself.

Here I will provide you the elementary info which is good enough to try, to understand how it works or to help your kids with ecology or physics project.

A solar cell is a semiconducting material with non manifold band-gap. The most promising are silicon- polycrystal based or arsenid of gallium monocrystal cells.

Silicium based are cheaper and lighter which makes them more popular. When you hold the solar cell you can see that one side is ribbed and other is blank. You should remember that blank is plus and the ribbed is minus. You will have to solder wires exactly to a ribs (black or blue wire) and to the spot on blank side (red wire).

Silicium is a very refractory and stable material and it does not work with tin or anything similar, that's why the ribbs are made either aluminum or zinc. And you will not be able to braze wires with tin or another solder that's why you need to get flux (special solding acid) you need the one for brazing Zinc or Aluminum.

After you get one, you should lubricate the surface with flux over the place you will attach wires. Now take some tin with you solderer and just sold over the fluxed surface. Beware of inhalation of dangerous vaporizing.

Now when wires are attached you are free to experiment. Usually the cheapest silicone based solar cells are giving very-low tension but high strength of current. And as it comes out from here you can use a few of solar cells connected in parallel (red wire to red wire and black wire to black wire to increase current strength) to make a primitive but very strong electromagnet while under the sun-light.

And if the cells are connected in series (black wire of the first cell to red wire of the next cell etc) you can make a primitive cell phone battery charger if you reach a 5 volts tension. Very rare battery charging tension exceed 5 v.

Photovoltaic cells (PVs) are a very different technology from solar water heating, and use light to generate electricity. They are particularly well suited to sites where a grid connection would be difficult or expensive or that are only used in the summer.

For an independent power supply, solar works well with wind as there is a good balance of both over the year. Solar electricity, like electricity from other renewable energy sources, doesn't produce carbon dioxide or harm the environment.

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