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How Is Solar Energy Used?

So, how is solar energy used more than for big home power systems or small solar calculators? There is a wide and increasing array of solar uses today.

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how is solar energy used

How Is Solar Power Used Today?

How is solar energy used today?

Solar energy is used in a variety of applications but the two most popular ways of utilizing solar energy are for water heating and powering a portion of the appliances in your home. Because the upfront costs of installing solar power remain somewhat high most people cannot afford a full home solar energy system that powers everything in their home but many do use solar power for heating, cooling or hot water.

Better Technology, More Products

With the advent of spray on or roll on (painted on) solar cell technology we now have many new products to choose from including Solar Panel Backpack and clothing that are used power and recharge calculators, flashlights, cell phones and laptops to name only a few. Add a few more hours of talk time for your cell phone or play time for your ipod touch with a solar cover.

Solar Toys And Decoration

Solar toys and decorations are also coming into popularity. Take for instance a model boat that is easy to build and teaches your child about solar power. It includes a solar panel that provides all the power necessary to actually use the boat outdoors. When inside you can disconnect the solar panel and use batteries for more fun indoors in the bathtub. Or use the solar powered skull for Halloween or any other time you would like to create a fun and scary garden. No more dangerous candles or batteries. Sit the skull outdoors. The sun during the day charges the Ni-Cad battery. At night the eyes will light up! You don't have to do a thing other than remember to bring him back in after the big night is over!

Another popular solar toy is theGrasshopper solar powered bug. Great for both home schooling and just for fun.

Practical Solar Energy Uses

On the more practical side solar energy is also used for outdoor garden lighting, to heat swimming pools and of course to add clean energy to global energy grids supplementing and eventually perhaps replacing energy produced by fossil fuels.

Solar energy is used broadly in many markets today. You can see that all industries from energy generation to camping outfitters, clothing and toy manufacturers are adapting solar energy to be used in many creative and productive ways because it is inexpensive energy and more importantly it is clean, renewable energy. Everyone can use solar energy. If you can't afford a solar heating, cooling or solar hot water system perhaps you can invest in solar garden lights or a solar laptop or backpack to power your computer, cell phone or ipod.

Be a part of the clean power revolution!

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