Kyocera Solar Panel

Kyocera Solar Panels
The High Quality of Solar Panel Brands

kyocera solar panelSolar energy is as common, so it’s very accessible. If you are attaining to run the entire electrical system without shore, then solar panel system may be right for you.

Kyocera solar panel is worthy of reliance and trust and at the same time, maintenance free power system carefully engineered to convert the natural energy of the sun into electricity at the greatest possible efficiency.

Kyocera’s advanced and innovative cell-processing engineering and machine-driven production facilities bring forth highly efficient and competitive multi-crystal solar photovoltaic modules. To offer protection to the cells from the different severe environment conditions, solar cells are encapsulated among a hardened glass cover and also includes an EVA pottant along with a PVF back sheet. The full laminate is put in an aluminum frame for the purpose of easy installation and structural strength.

Kyocera had started and began researching about photovoltaic and solar cells in 1975 and has set up thousands of solar cell system throughout the world from the year 1978. These solar systems are ideal for the charging of storage batteries to generate power to remote areas, telecommunication systems, recreational vehicles and boats and other commercial and consumer applications.

Kyocera has completely perfected the new surface of solar cell technology and had introduced a new design of solar panels known as the d.Blue, named after its dark color blue.

This newly designed treatment method produces multi-crystalline silicon cells producing a surface texture that lessens the surface reflectance and maximized the output.

The effect is the additional conversion efficiency of about 15%, being one of the highest conversion efficiency in the multi-crystalline module industry. And since Kyocera’s modules are efficient, lesser space is needed compared to the other solar modules of the same output.

With this, more wattage per square foot will be generated and lessened mounting structure cost.

d.Blue is indeed perfect for installation on all kinds of buildings ranging residential, small to large scale of commercial systems.

The dark blue cells with the touch of elegance coupled with black module frames is appropriate to blend with the different architectures of the building and at the same time generating energy at exceedingly high efficiencies.

These modules are currently available in panels of 40 to 130 watts and are packed in a junction box, anodized aluminum frame designed for heavy work and a 25 years warranty of power output.

Applications of d.Blue solar panels include energy provided for microwave and radio repeater stations, medical facilities in rural areas, electrification of villages that are located in remote places, power sources for vacation homes, navigational lighthouses and ocean buoys, emergency communications system, pumping systems for water supplies in rural area, livestock and irrigation, desalination systems, cothodic protection systems, railroad signals and sailboat charging system.

Another innovative product from Kyocera is the 50 watt kyocera solar panel that is designed for charging of storage batteries that are useful for many applications such as providing powers for remote homes and other commercial and consumer applications.

This T-Series module has high quality of junction box that is appropriate for 1/2” passage fittings. A 12 volt battery charging solar panels and is located in both grid tie and also on off grid solar panel systems. Interesting features include extremely tough frames, hardened with low in reflection glass covers, bypass diodes are built in it and a 25 years in power output warranty.

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