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Portfolio 16" Solar LED Landscape Walk Lighting

by Maria Monti
(Boca Raton ,Florida,USA)

Portfolio 16 Solar Lighting

Portfolio 16 Solar Lighting

This purchase was my first endeavor into the solar powered landscape lighting market. I went to my local Lowe's store and purchased 6 pieces of the Portfolio 16" Solar LED Landscape Walk Lighting Model #: RPS13-MB-8.

The reason for this purchase was more selfish than economical. I purchased them as I did not want to start to dig up my landscaping in order to hide the wires of the traditional low voltage landscape lights.

The first disappointment with this solar lighting system was the cost at $35 per fixture, it is very expensive since you can get a low voltage set of 16 lights for approximately $100.00. Despite the cost, I ventured into the install of these solar lights. I must tell you that the installations was a breeze. All I had to do was remove the units from the box and pull out the battery safety tab and stick them in the ground where I wanted them ( can it get much easier than that?).

I must tell you, there are a few more disappointments to follow. First off, I had to wait 12-18 hours for the lights to charge before they were able to turn on. I am a person who likes instant gratification so the lights not working as soon as I put them in the ground was a little upsetting to me but something that I could deal with.

The biggest disappointment with these lights was the quality of the light emitted. These light were extremely dull not bright at all and the color of the lights were not what I was looking for in a landscape light. They were very very white and not natural looking at all.

Lastly, the amount of time that the lights stood lit was a major problem. After charging them for I would say 15 hours or so, they stood lit a total of 4 hours. Again, not what I was looking for. I live in South Florida, so sun is not an issue at all, they did receive plenty of sunlight.

Maybe I need to do a little more research and find a better brand light, but to be honest with you, I am not looking to waste any more of my hard earned dollars on these Solar Land Scape lights.

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Portfolio 16" Solar LED Landscape Walk Lighting

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Jun 22, 2011
Solar is NOT ready for prime time!
by: Anonymous


Regarding solar panels, and wind derrick’s (I use derrick's instead of wind mills “Oil derrick”) Liberal’s use lexicon to pull the wool over the tax payer eyes and ears to further their agenda (NIMBY). Their agenda is to live a very comfortable life on this planet without working, and we the tax payer support their elitist lifestyle and ignorant idea’s. I inserted links to articles in the Sac Bee today that should P*ss you off. The energy dept. is continuing their quest dig deeper into our pockets to fund this HOAX (alternative energy). Union owned retread “Brown” (California) is still trying to balance a budget without laying off permanently, the bloated numbers of UNION bureaucrats, and adjusting their retirement packages. And where are the legislators? They care so much, how about throwing in their own salaries, and expense cuts into the mix!?!?! Utilities say GREEN ENERGY bill COSTLY. Obama has given Billions in loans to George Soros’ Brazilian oil company that is drilling in our gulf. Yet our American oil companies cannot! WAKE UP! (And do not believe that non story days ago stating that Obama says the oil companies CAN drill. YES! And the cost for permits and the lag in the dept. energy, and the threats from the coast guard lay in wait. We are being starved of oil by our government. If you have solar on your roof, and a battery powered auto guess WHAT! It’s still being powered by a Hydro plant, natural gas, oil, and coal power generating plant!!! And when we have power outages; YOU HAVE NO POWER EITHER. It’s called (“Islanding”). You cannot direct power back on the grid during outages due to a safety protocol. During repairs, the grid will be safe for workers repair the outage. But! If you want you can have a multi thousand dollar battery backup system installed. And how do you dispose of the spent batteries? (Ah La: Nuclear spent fuel rods); conveniently left out of the argument. Ask anyone that lives OFF grid. And with $olar you have two payments: the utility provider and your banker. Also remember what the government thinks of you. They know better than you what’s GOOD for you. You, the taxpayers are stupid!

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