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Sharp Solar Panels

Sharp had been known worldwide as the leading manufacturer of solar panels. Sharp started out its interest in the research and development of photovoltaic in 1959. Since that time, Sharp solar cell products have been improved in quality and made its application in a wider range covering the needs of both consumer and businesses.

For almost half a century, Sharp has maintained its practicality and efficiency in manufacturing affordable solar panel system. These applications include satellites in the outer space, lighthouses, residential use and industrial applications.

Sharp is the only and exclusive manufacturer of satellite solar products for Japan authorized by the national Space Development Agency Japan.

Also, Sharp had received many Japan's honorable energy saving awards. Widely known as the leading manufacturer, products may vary from single and to multi-crystalline including amorphous silicon solar cells. As the years went by, quality of these solar cells had been improved, ensuring mechanical and electrical durability, and optimization of conversion efficiency.

Innovations in this field had led to the discovery of the combination with wide-flanged frames and very thin cells, keeping the cost lesser and at the same time increasing its level of performance.

Sharp solar home panel that is 165 watts and 185 watts in power goes with bypass diodes, leads that are pre-attached and MC Connect fast connect plugs. On the other hand, 80 watt sharp solar panel and 123 watts power had enclosed conventional junction box for more flexibility during installation.

With the advancement and breakthrough in the technology, after 50 years of research and development, Sharp had launched its new model, NE-80EJEA, a solar module that integrates the innovative surface texturing process for the purpose of increasing the light absorption, thus improving the efficiency.

General applications include cabins, pumps, solar power stations, lighting equipments and beacons. It features the excellence in engineering because this module extends industry-leading quality of performance for a wide range of electrical power requirements.

It is also equipped with the advancement in aesthetics with a black frame module that had undergone physical torture tests, hidden hardware and tapered covers on it. When installed, it delivers an elegant and stylish appearance that naturally blends with your roof line. It is durable as it passed several test to withstand different weather conditions. At the same it is reliable because of its 25-year warranty on its power output.

Another sharp solar panels module is 123 Watts 12 Volts Polycrystalline Silicon PV Module is an off grid modules that extends leading performance in variety of industry applications.

Also, Sharp solar panels ND-123UJF is another product of extensive research and development. It integrates the latest surface texturing process for the purpose of increasing light absorption, thus improving the efficiency. Applications of this model include solar power stations, cabins, beacons, pumps and lighting equipments.

Finally, when you decide to choose Sharp solar home panels, you will be acquiring well-engineered products that can satisfy your expectations. Moreover, Sharp had been proven in its reliability, excellent customer service and assurance of 25 year warranty.

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