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Solar Audio Products

New, hot and environmentally friendly solar audio products and technologies are coming to the market.

renu solar audio ipod dock
There's a whole new range of solar audio products available on the market now. Regen, a California company began with realization that there had to be a better way to power (and enjoy) a lot of the electronic gadgets people rely on every day. Regen creates personal and home electronics powered by light. Regen believes that leaping forward toward solar powered electronics should not require stepping back from performance, design, and enjoyment.

Regen's goal is to make useful, self-powered products accessible to the greatest number of people possible, and to turn self-power into the preferred standard for personal and home electronics everywhere. They have started to do this with several nifty solar products including the Renu personal power generation and storage system. This panel system boasts a modular design that allows it to work with a range of different devices and the user interface even provides feedback on power generation habits. It is powered by sunlight and works with the whole family of ReNU personal electronic products.

  • With a ReNu solar powered dock for iPod and iPhone and the ReNu solar panel that uses a high quality lithium ion battery, the ReNu powers any Regen product and stores enough power to charge an iPhone twice.

  • The ReNu+iPod dock features an intelligent user interface that provides feedback on a user's power generation habits and a hybrid mode that augments light power with traditional electric energy. The Regen audio dock provides up to eight hours of sound from one charged ReNu panel. You can also sync an iPhone or iPod with a computer via a USB port.

  • Powered by the ReNu personal solar power generation and storage panel or traditional power outlet, the ReNu+Audio Dock offers complete sound performance and restores the battery in an iPhone, iPod Touch, or any iPod with a click wheel.
    With an advanced acoustic arrangement and the freedom to generate power anywhere sunlight is available, the ReNu+Audio Dock allows you to create incredible sound anywhere you go.

  • The ReVerb flat panel speaker with built-in solar panel and dock for iPod and iPhonegives you the ability to draw power from the sun or a traditional electric outlet to provide excellent sound reproduction. This really is the Rolls Royce of solar audio products! When fully charged the ReVerb can provide up to 12 hours of high quality audio reproduction of the media files stored on an iPhone, iPod Touch or any media player with a headphone jack. With an integrated photovoltaic panel in the speaker it will generate sound equivalent to a 60-watt conventional speaker.

Home electronics like TVs, ipods, computers, radios etc. draw huge amounts of electricity and contribute significantly to higher CO2 emissions. Take a step to help cut your carbon footprint while you also cut your electricity bills. Consider solar audio products as a way to reduce your impact on the environment.

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