Solar Bird Feeders

Solar Bird Feeders
Beautify Home Out Door Living Space

Solar Bird Feeders

Your house will give an ultra natural look when you beautify your garden and even back yard with bird feeders. Many people use bard feeders in their garden, balcony, and back yard long back with conventional bird feeders.

Now time has come to convert them to solar powered. When you decided to give more special looks your outdoor living space, you must consider solar powered bird feeders.

With the advantage of technology development, you can now replace your conventional bird feeders to Solar Bird Feeders to give more decorative looks at night.

Placing bird feeders at back yard of your house will give a wonderful chance to watch many varieties of birds from your cottage. Nowadays in markets, inexpensive solar bird feeders are available which can bring more personal touch on the outdoor living space.

The design of bird feeder solar energy is no difference with other conventional one. The only difference lays on the system. By day, these just function as normal bird feeders. But at night they transform into landscape lighting.

Technically the solar bird feeders have simple principle. It consist solar cells that charges from sun rays at day time generating power accumulates on its battery and at night the battery runs all LEDs placed at sometimes from the bottom, occasionally from the top of the feeders, illuminates soft decorative lights can last 8 to 10 hours.

Solar Bird Feeders
Solar bird Feeder at night

Buyer's Guide

Here are a few basic tips which will make you easy for selection while buying bird feeder solar powered. The basic tips are:

Fit for easy use– Consider how it is easy to use for you and also to birds. Feeder must be easy to feed and must hold a sufficient amount of seed. Birds are attracted with foods and by seeing other birds also eating. Extended tray system feeder is great idea. Bird feeders should have sufficient pace for birds to eat without protrusions.

Measurement– Always select bigger dimension ”main tray feeder” so that at least a dozen or more birds can eat together. For small birds, domed feeders are effective.

Quality – Everybody generally try to maintain quality whenever they try to pursue anything. No compromise with quality, feeder must be withstand with all weather condition, you have to bare a bit more cost. To improve its long run can replace a low rating battery to high rating one.

When looking for one of these solar powered units, keep in mind that rechargeable batteries don't last forever, so if you can find one that has replaceable batteries, you can extend the life of the feeder.


Mount it in an area where the solar cells get direct sunlight for several hours each day, and keep an eye on the solar cells to make sure that they don't get covered with dirt or droppings, as that will reduce the charge generated by the solar cells. You may want to mount these on a bird feeder pole with a squirrel baffle to keep it away from the critters, as they don't typically have a cage or some other type of pest control.

Placing bird feeders at back yard of your house will give a wonderful chance to watch many varieties of birds from your cottage. You can enjoy while feeding in winter when natural foods are scare for them, in summer some birds will come for nesting and can attract migrating birds in the spring.

Recommended Solar Bird Feeders

Solar Bird FeedersThis bird feeder lights up automatically at night and Turns off during the day.Thanks to several solar panels that capture energy during daylight hours. No wiring needed! LED lights illuminate your outdoor space while not adding a single cent to your power bill. Drainage holes in rim help prevent soggy seed. Perching rim is designed to attract desired types of birds and discourage pesky squirrels and other unwanted visitors.

Here is another solar birdfeeder that looks really nice.

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