Solar Birdbath Fountain Tips

Benefits of A Solar BirdBath Fountain
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solar birdbath fountain

What are the benefits?

Watching birds in the garden can be increadibly peaceful. Watching birds playing and bathing after a busy day is a great way to switch from work to rest.

You can make your garden more natural and beautiful by adding birdbath fountain, available in many verities in markets. Also birds chase flies...

Birds need water and food so to make the birds come, stay and return, get yourself a birdbath and a bird feeder. Buying a solar bird bath and feeder is a great way to make your garden eco-friendlier and save some electricity costs at the same time.

Day time you can enjoy bird view with continuous water motions from fountain and at night solar power light for fountain continuously illuminates soft decorative lights make your garden more attractive.

Owning a birdbath fountain has other benefits like to keep water always circulating makes hygiene tic and prevent from fly bedding. Other types of birdbath where water stagnant makes area dirty and encourage mosquitoes to breed which nobody likes it. Hygienic point of view fountain still need to clean often. You are consistent feeding and to keeping bath topped up with water so bird will stay all year round

What you should have..

Birds are coming almost daily if regular source of food and water is available. A clean and fresh water looks naturally attracts many birds. Even more important to have water at winter when many sources of water are frozen.

Always make sure when buying a solar powered bird bath fountain, that it has a heating system to prevent water to freezing in extreme winter weather (if you live somewhere where it gets cold during winter.).

What is the difference from conventional one?

In normal bird bath fountain runs with electrical pump circulates water. Solar birdbath fountain have solar panels which generate the power through solar light. It is molded and do not require any external wires lying in the garden.

It is totally hassle free. You don't need any electrical supply to run a solar birdbath fountain. All you need is sunny spot!

A tip: Don't place the fountain close to a fence, since that is a perfect place for cats to sit and wait for a perfect bird to catch by jumping on to the fountain.

Types of Solar Birdbath Fountains

There are many types of solar bird baths from various brands available. Some examples are:

Solar cascading fountains, ball fountains, castle fountains, acorn fountains, and duo cascading fountains.

Acorn Fountain – It is a popular choice, hassle free, no need of expense to run long extension cords and under ground cables.

Duo Cascading Fountain – Its sound of flowing water will soothe your sense as you relax and also make you feel better.

Ball Fountain – It can trickle the water all around 360 degrees around the marble textured green ball, can match any out door landscape.

Verona Copper Fountain – It is a copper birdbath fountain incorporated with solar system. Its running water is a pleasurable sound to attracts birds to garden, patio, yard, deck and so on.

Maintaining Your Solar Fountain

In winter the solar birdbath can be damaged due to cold weather and require replacement with non- solar birdbath. To do that will take hardly a few minutes. Regular cleaning of bath fountain is utmost necessary to maintain healthy atmosphere. Fountain water will remain fresh while using natural enzyme treatments.

Solar birdbaths keep the water constantly moving, have lower environmental impact and saves energy cost instantly. Many birds also seem to be attracted to it due to the movement of fountain water. Supposedly that is because they can detect the changes in motion at greater distance compared to stagnant water.

Remember standing water is a breeding ground and can lead to West Nile Virus. So, a little maintenance is necessary to bring your garden and outdoor living space attractive with natural bird views.

Recommended Solar Birdbath Fountains

When it comes to outdoor equipment, I would choose one with minimal maintainance and easy set up.

The Country Gardens Solar Birdbath Fountain meets those conditions and is quite cheap too. It has a nice feature and a great addition to the yard. Most of all, the birds love it.

Tips : This fountain runs on solar power and therefore it only works in direct sunlight, so pick a sunny spot for this birdbath.

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