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A Solar Calculator And Its Pros And Cons

Cheap, long-lasting and environmentally friendly...

solar calculator Texas Instruments
A solar calculator uses tiny solar panels to collect the sun's light. The solar cells absorb the sunlight and, acting as batteries, store the sun's light and convert it into electricity. The electricity that is produced is direct current and powers the calculator.

The tiny solar panels and solar cells of a solar powered calculator are capable of storing quite a bit of energy given their size but the major drawback to using solar calculators is that they require frequent charging. Since it is a solar device that means it must be exposed to sunlight as often as possible in order to maintain a consistent supply of electricity. This is especially important if you need to use the calculator at night when the sun is not available.

Solar energy calculators are inexpensive and effective as long as they are properly charged. The greatest personal benefit of using a solar calculator is the money you save by eliminating the need to purchase batteries over and over again. With a solar powered calculator you can use a rechargeable battery which will significantly reduce the number of batteries you have to use over the life of the calculator.

Batteries can vaporize and pollute the air when they are burned and they can also pollute our water. The components of a battery can also leach from landfills and pollute the environment with heavy metals as well as expose the environment and water to lead and acid because batteries contain strong corrosive acids. Dry cell batteries actually contribute about 88 percent of the total mercury and 50 percent of the cadmium in the municipal solid waste stream. In the past, batteries accounted for nearly half of the mercury used in the United States and over half of the mercury and cadmium in the municipal solid waste stream.

By using solar products like a solar power calculator we can all do little things that taken together will make a huge difference to the health of our environment. Switching to rechargeable batteries and using solar products is a good first step to reducing the dangerous emissions that result from battery decomposition. If you need another good reason to go green and use solar electronics remember that you can take and use solar powered electronics anywhere and anytime. Solar powered products are convenient and inexpensive to run so give them a try and help the environment at the same time.

You'll find a good solar powered calculator from Texas Instruments here. Not very expensive, right?! Make sure you take a look at the comments written about the product, solar calculators are truly a type of solar energy products that function very well.

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