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Solar cars are slowly becoming a real option rather than just a flirt with the future. Some really still look like space ships, but run the at the speed of a snail, while other both resemble and work like proper cars. Take a look at some solar car videos below.

Instructions: When watching the video clips, start the videos by clicking the small arrow down to the left, not the large one in the middle of the screen. If you're using Internet Explorer as your browser and the video doesn't start, try clicking twice on the small arrow.

Solar Car Videos

The first video shows the SAAB solar car, called the Saab 9-X Biofuel Hybrid Solar Electric Concept Car

This second video shows the UK solar car project..

Here is a solar car created by MIT.

Here's Calgary University's solar car. Not really one you would buy to drive to work with...

And the Bluecar by Italian Pininfarina. The company is aiming to start mass-producing this car within a year. I'd say this is one of the first real options for ordinary people to have a solar car.

And here is a Hungarian contribution - the Soloduo solar hybrid car that is expected to be avilable in the market in 2012.

More Solar Energy Videos


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