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How to Maintain solar energy house

One of the main advantages of converting your current energy generation process of your home to solar energy system is the benefit of saving electricity costs.

This savings is due to the fact that solar panels don't really need any maintenance. Solar panels are built with the assurance that they will last for a long period of time.

Indeed, there is no need of spending money for the monthly maintenance and rest assured that they will run on their own having no problems and difficulties.

After it had been installed in your home, it will independently perform its job and all you can do is just sit back and relax.

Hence, it is quite convenient compared to other source of alternative energy for it works on its own in collecting energy from the sun and have it converted into usable electrical energy.

One of the great things about the solar panel, whether it is purchased in stores or just a homemade solar panels is that there are no mechanical parts that are moving that can cause breakage or noise.

Also, there is no need for replacement in materials like that of hoses, belts and other things that are needed to run a generator. No fuel system is also needed because the source is an energy freely gotten from the sun.

For residential panels, physical maintenance requires a little effort and posing no difficulty. This is because you just need to make sure that the panels are regularly wiped off and cleaned.

Cheap solar panels and home made ones are those that can accumulate dust and dirt easily and should be cautiously protected. Dust can cause blockage of sun rays, therefore decrease the efficiency of your solar panels.

Furthermore, these accumulating elements on the surface of the solar panels can decrease the system’s performance by almost 7% annually.

Other blocking elements will include leaves, dirt and snow.

Cleaning routine will include brushing using a pole routinely to wipe off dirt on the panels. Also, standard garden nozzle and hose is recommended in rinsing the solar panels.

Rinsing must be done in the cool morning. This will avoid drastic changes in the temperature and may further result in damaging the fragile cells.

For rainy seasons, you don't need to exert effort in cleaning the solar panels because the rain will clean it off for you. It is still then recommended that solar panels must be rinsed once a year during peak months of summer.

Also, location is another factor on establishing the cleaning frequency of the solar panels. Developing areas and those with large amount of agriculture requires consistent regular cleaning.

Maintain your solar energy house by cleaning solar panels. Watch this video!

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