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Facts about Solar Energy India

India is the second most populated country of the world. The dense population and vast land area is making India a perfect place for setting up solar power plants.

India's location on the globe is also one of the main factors in excessive utilization of solar energy. Southern part of Indian Territory is very much closer to equator line. This directly implies that India southern part of India is closer to sun throughout the year.

India is very much relying on petroleum and coal sources for their power generation plants. Thermal energy is playing an important role in power generation. Harvesting solar energy in India is very rare because of the ignorance of government from the decades.

But now due to scarcity of coal and reduced in production of petroleum products by Gulf countries has forced Indian government to think about other alternate sources of energy.

Location and solar projects

Generally India is a hot country and most part of India, there will be a constant temperature of 30˚ C throughout the year. Southern part of India like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu has taken some exceptional measures regarding exploitation of solar energy due to their favorable condition. In the west part of India, there is Thar Desert which has attracted the government for setting up solar projects too.

Solar power generation in India

India is very slow in the prospect of solar energy consumption. It has 7th position worldwide solar photovoltaic (PV) cell production and secure 9th rank in solar thermal power generation.

There is a lack in research and development in the field of solar energy. At present, India is producing merely 0.5% of the total energy demand from solar energy. So it is very clear from the above data that India is still very much dependent on the conventional sources of energy. The annual solar energy production in India is around 6.4MW only.

The answer for this much slow rate of progression in solar energy field is high initial cost of installation solar power system. India is a still developing country and requires more funding for the setting up various power plants throughout the country.

The cost of production range is Rs 15 to Rs 20 per unit for the solar energy which is very high when compared to Rs 2 to Rs 5 per unit for other conventional sources.

But now due to foreign investment, India is doing quite well in the field of solar power generation. India has set up lots of plant for the production of solar panels (PV) and with the help of Australian government funding India is giving training for the next generation solar engineers.


Solar energy is abundant to this part of the world but still it is not that much exploited. India is making a slow progress in the field of solar power generation. Indian government has taken lots of steps and necessary measures for making solar energy popular in its rural part. Government and private banks are giving solar loans at low interest rate and providing incentives and rebates in installation charges of solar system.

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