Solar Garden Fountains

Solar garden fountains
Say no to those wires lying across your garden

Solar Garden Fountains

The last few years people have become little preoccupied with mobility and environment protection. Solar Powered fountain is an example of mobile compact eco-friendly decorative element of your garden.

Some solar garden fountains are purely for fun and others perform valuable functions. Pond fountains prevent water from stagnating and becoming algae stricken mosquito hatcheries. Positive benefits to be sure, but they're beautiful, tranquil and graceful focal points at the same time.

Price for solar garden fountains variates from 20-200$ depends on it's design and size which ranges from tabletop size to gigantic statuary around which you can build a serene lounging area.

There are tons of different designs that include the fountain with a pump that is well matched to the needs of that particular fountain.

The only thing you need to worry about is where it'll look and function best in your yard. Solar water fountain pump allow for old water fountain systems powered by utility to be powered by the sun and be eco-friendly.

Each solar water fountain pump is used ranging from residential landscape fountain, commercial landscape designs, and farming and agriculture landscape.

A solar garden fountains that is powered by an external electricity source, for example, requires wire installation that could involve burying wires in a lawn.

Installation could also involve making water tight electrical seals and connections within the fountain. This creates the hazard of electrocution.

A fountain powered by an external water source is connected to a garden hose, if not to hard line plumbing, which takes effort and know-how to install. And a fountain powered by batteries would need frequent battery replacement.

There is a need, therefore, for a fountain that will operate just as it comes out of the manufacturer's box without wiring or plumbing, is aesthetically pleasing, inexpensive, not wasteful of resources, and shoots an impressive plume of water into the air.

Such a fountain is found in the present invention, a self-contained, solar-powered water fountain. For the foregoing reasons, there is a need for a solar-powered water fountain that can operate in a wet environment, minimizes the view of solar cells, starts in low-voltage conditions, has a pump having low ambient load on the system, minimizes the cost of solar cells, and creates an aesthetically pleasing plume of water. The same technology may be used to power an underwater jet instead of a plume of water into the air for the purpose of towing a fishing lure.

In fact you can build that fountain by yourself the only problem you may meet on your way is circuit inverter. Because solar powered fountain water pumps don't need current strength, but need high-tension current which is the weak side of solar panels. Here solar power inverter circuit will convert high solar current strength into a high tension circuit.

The beautiful thing about those garden water fountains that they don't need that much of energy and can be driven by one AA battery(if it is a small fountain) and two cellphone batteries (if you need a huge jet) for a period of 1-2 hours so you can buy rechargeable-battery equipped water fountain to prolong work of your garden decor after the sunset. Price difference is about $20.

Recommeded Solar powered fountain

Solar Powered Fountain Solar powered 2 tier fountain. Made of fiberglass/resin. Constantly recycles water from hidden reservoir. Operates in direct sunlight. No wiring, simply install and enjoy.

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