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A Solar Lifestyle

Tips for getting started with a solar lifestyle without going broke

solar lifestyle

Going solar usually means the investment of large sums of money. For many people a solar lifestyle seems out of the realm of possibility but there are ways to integrate solar power into your daily lifestyle without going broke.

By investing in some of all of the solar products suggested below, you have already started a path towards a solar power lifestyle. And if it is envirnmentally friendly, and maybe cost efficient, that are your main objectives, you can also easily go greener, by implementing the energy savings tips provided here. Most of these tips are completely free and will cut your energy use at home substantially. So, don't hesitate; go for a solar lifestyle already today!

8 Ideas For A Solar Lifestyle

One of the easiest ways to reduce environmental pollution is to change from regular batteries to rechargeable batteries and then recharge the batteries using a solar battery charger. Solar battery chargers are relatively inexpensive and a good way to add solar into your everyday lifestyle. You can power a multitude of small electronics using solar power including your cell phones, cameras, laptops, mp3 players and ipods.

Solar LED flashlights, bicycle and desk lights, fans, and yard lighting are other easy ways to introduce solar power into your every day routines while reducing your reliance on electricity.

Need a new watch? Why not buy a solar powered watch? If you watch a lot of TV try out a solar powered universal remote. If you listen to the radio or take a radio with you when you camp or hike there are many solar powered radios to choose from.

Solar powered window lights go with you anywhere. They are secured by suction cups. The are powered by solar panels so they need to be placed in a position where they can receive sunlight through the glass. Once charged these lights provide up to 12 hours of lighting using 6 energy efficient long-lasting LED lamps.

Do your children live with their ipods permanently attached to their ears and their cell phones and laptops glued to their fingertips? Consider purchasing solar backpacks so they can power up their ipods, cell phones, cameras and laptops as they walk to and from the bus and other outdoor activities.

Do you have fountains in your yard? Consider installing a solar garden fountain or birdbath. The number of solar products currently available is quite broad and most are very easy to install with minimal maintenance.

Solatube is a relatively inexpensive way to brighten up your home. These solar tubes bring the outside light in by reflecting sunlight into windowless areas of your home. They are similar to a sky light but you can actually control the amount of light brought into a room through the use of a dimmer. They are also less expensive than installing skylights although skylights remain another good option for bringing natural light and additional warmth into your home. Solar tubes are yet another creative way to utilize the power of the sun efficiently and cost effectively.

Another way to think about introducing solar into your lifestyle is to begin by investing in solar power related stocks and mutual funds. This is a great way to support the development of solar power and solar products. Your socially conscious investment decisions can help push forward the solar and alternative fuel power markets to bring down prices and make alternative energy more affordable for everyone.

You don't need to install a solar array on your roof to benefit from reduced electricity costs anymore. You can enjoy the benefits of solar powered products, reduce your electricity bill and feel good about lowering your carbon footprint by introducing simple solar products, buying solar related investments and doing business with socially conscientious green businesses. And maybe later, you will be ready to take steps to carry through a larger scale solar home design project.

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