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Solar Power For Homes

Solar Products Reviewed And Explained

Solar power for homes can be all from a small solar fountain to ambitious electric and heating projects. Find inspiration and reviews of solar powered products for home use here.

With the price of solar energy systems decreasing and the limitless supply of sunlight available to us more and more people are considering installation of various solar powered products.

Products range from flashlights to water heaters, pool heaters, garden lighting and of course full heating systems.

solar power for homes

There are some basic questions you should ask yourself before making any decision to invest in solar products of any type:

  1. Does my location receive enough sunlight to keep the products powered?
  2. How much is my budget?
  3. How much will I save by installing product (x)?
  4. Can I build this solar product myself or do I need to purchase it?
  5. Can I mount it myself or will it require professional installation or additional help?
  6. What is my payback period?
  7. What is my final cost?
  8. Do I have the necessary space to accomodate the solar panels, collectors and batteries needed for this product(s)?

In the following chart you can click on a link to learn more about specific solar projects. In some cases there are step by step instructions for some of the DIY projects and in other cases you will find a lot of information geared to help you understand how theses products function and things you need to consider in making your decision to purchase the item or system.

We hope you will find this information helpful in determining how you can best utilize solar technology in your home.

Solar Power For Homes - The Products

Around the Yard Home Use Appliance Other
Solar Birdbath Fountain

Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Solar Garden Fountains

Solar Bird Feeders

Solar Garden Lights

Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Greenhouses

Solar Power Water Pump

Solar Water Pumping Systems - Learn how to choose which one

Solar Powered Water Heater

Solar Water Distiller

Solar Powered Oven

Solar Powered Attic Fan

Solar Powered Air Conditioning

Solar Window Heater

Solar Audio Products

Solar Calculators

Indoor Solar Lighting With Fiber Optics

Solar Cell Battery Charger

Solar Powered Generator

Solar Power Inverter


What solar info are you looking for?

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