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United Kingdom was never worried about using renewable sources for the energy production until July 2008. UK was always dependent on thermal and nuclear sources for their energy production.

But as the demand for energy grows faster and non-renewable stocks were going to finish soon, UK switched over to solar energy as the alternate source of energy production.

In the year 2006 itself UK has installed a solar plant which was producing 12.5 MWp. It was very small in quantity and represents only 0.3% of the total European energy demand. But after the EU agreement, UK took some serious steps regarding solar energy production and installed many solar power projects throughout the country.

According to that agreement, every country should produce at least 15% of their total energy demand through renewable sources only by 2020.

UK and solar energy programs

EU agreement has opened a new era in renewable energy sources and their usages. UK after 2008 had passed a bill in which it was mentioned that government should encourage householders to generate their own electricity by the means of any kind of renewable energy sources.

In this context, Energy Saving Trust, which is run by government, has announced incentives and rebates for those who want to install solar power system in their houses. Through various incentive programs, it was estimated that around each and every household might save £200 annually. It was a very good figure to attract local people.

Climate condition in UK

UK has no problem regarding sun scarcity and gets a total of 1350 hours per year on an average. In the north side approximately 1250 hours per year and 1470 hours per year for the south side solar energy is available. Out of 12 months there are 8 months when the sun shows its glaze for than 100 hours per month. Rest of the month, sun will be out for more than 150 hours per month.

Solar power incentive by UK government

UK solar grants are available to two distinct streams. One is for householders and other will covers projects for public sector and charitable organizations.

If someone is installing a PV project in their home then he/she can get a maximum of maximum of £2000 per KW installed up to £2500 or a maximum of 50% of the total installed cost. For those who are interested in solar thermal hot water projects can get a grant of £400 or 30% of the total installed cost.

UK came very lately in solar consumption but it is making a very rapid progress in this field. UK government is very much conscious about the shortage of conventional energy sources and pollution related to them. Government has presented lots of ideas to the society for popularizing the solar and other renewable energy sources consumption.

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