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Maryland is one of the most technically advanced states of US. It is mostly famous for the presence of some famous biotechnology firms.

It’s not only the biotechnology which is growing there but Maryland is also advancing in the field of renewable sources consumption too.

Maryland, known as Free State, is investing a lot in the field of solar power generation to compete with its neighboring states.

Maryland energy administration has showed some great interest in the solar power generation field and has offered some exciting grants on various solar projects.

Generally, grants are available on solar water heating systems and PV systems. Administration is more concerned about local people instead of industries and firms.

The number of grants has increased by an average of 37% per year throughout the state. Currently the state is sponsoring 227 projects which include 100 PV systems. The PV systems are estimated to generate overall of 1 MW power.

Current situation of solar power Maryland

The year 2007 was the perfect year for Maryland in the scenario of solar power generation. Administration had revised the original renewable portfolio to increase the solar energy generation.

They have decided to generate 2% of the total electricity demand from the solar energy by the year of 2020. It has been under consideration to draw around 1, 500 MW of solar energy by the year of 2020.

In this context, 2008 budget has offered $ 675, 000 for various schemes under solar power grants. Government has decided to give rebate of 20% of total installation cost around $3,000 for those who want to install solar power project in their home.

In the case of solar hot water systems, grant will be up to $ 2,000. There are also personal tax credit systems which will provide $0.0085 per KWH for individuals.

Even a net metering law has been passed which allows net metering for systems up to 2 MW. Maryland has offered very exciting policies and schemes under solar power installation.

Maryland was the first state to join the federal Million Solar Roofs Initiative which was introduced by President Clinton in the year of 1997.

Not only this, but Maryland’s administration has increased the solar power grants under the provision of Maryland Solar Energy Grant Program. They are giving 100% state property tax exemption for residential PV and solar hot water systems.

Maryland, the biotech state of USA is now going to establish itself in the field of solar power generation too. The Marylanders and its administration are very keen to maximize the solar use.

Administration is providing lots of attractive incentives and tax rebates so that solar power system will become affordable to each and every households.

Solar Power Maryland Program Update for FY 2009

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) is pleased to announce that through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), sufficient funds have been added to the Maryland Solar Energy Grant Program to cover all applicants who had previously been placed on the FY 2009 wait list.

As a result of both Federal Stimulus funds and proceeds generated from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the Maryland Solar Energy Grant Program was able to offer grants to over 400 Maryland residents, businesses, and local governments wanting to install solar energy projects.

Click here to go to the MEA solar energy grants information page.

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