Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Solar Powered Christmas Lights
Make your Christmas green & cut the bills
with new solar string lights.

Why would you want solar to power Christmas lights?

Everybody knows how dangerous can be wire lying across the sidewalk with 110V inside to provide electricity for Christmas lights. Apart from being dangerous it expends some energy.

Ordinary Christmas lights has expend as high as 70-80W. Usually one family uses 10-20 Christmas lights. So you can count. At the same time Solar Powered lights using LED lights are expending 40 Watts (as much as one economic light bulb).

The advantages of using solar Christmas lights

Perfect for use as a festive decoration at Christmas time or use all year round to decorate trees, shrubs, garden decor, and other outdoor items.

Perfect for areas where electricity is unavailable or difficult to run wiring. That makes these solar string lights perfectly safe, simple to install and great for use almost anywhere.

Installation and How to use

The compact controller box comes complete with a ground spike so installation couldn't be easier as you can insert the controller in the ground and trail the string of lights accordingly.

You can decorate with these Christmas lights around doors, windows, mail boxes, planters, wreaths and all kinds of Christmas decorations and outdoor decor etc.

In fact there are probably hundreds of different applications this little set of light can be used. You could even use them in your car, bus, RV, taxi, place them around a sign, store-front and so on.

Just make sure the solar panel can get some sunshine during the day. It can work OK through clear glass windows. The control box allows fixing using a variety of methods such as a plastic tie wrap, rubber band, string or thread. You can also screw or nail it to a surface or use a self adhesive pad.

In most applications these lights should illuminate for up to several hours continuously, after a full charge of just a few hours of sunshine. The LED bulbs never need replacing and come on an approximate fourteen feet cord. They charge up during the day, automatically illuminate at dusk and switch off at dawn (or until discharged) when the process starts all over the next day.

Usually solar battery charge is enough for six hours of lights until fully discharged. Or four hours of work while charged on cloudy day. It is very comfortable because there is no need for lights to be turned on while it is bright outside and no need for you to go out and turn them off and on.

Things you should notice while buying solar powered Christmas lights

Chinese cheap lights usually are made of cheap wires and lights. Solar powered Christmas lights are mostly expected to be set outside. So try to find lights with more actual shined area of the battery and watch the quantity of bulbs. It shouldn't exceed thirty for one solar battery otherwise it will loose it's effectiveness.

Blinking lights are usually more economic because they don't have to feed all the lights at one time but they come more expensive because of electronics used in it.

Be wary of cheap materials of the ground spike, it has to be either brass or stainless steel.

Cheap Outdoor Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Cheap Outdoor Solar Powered Christmas LightsThis solar Christmas light isgreat for lighting small to medium trees outlining a patio. The light is softer than stander Christmas lights which is nicer for a patio atmosphere. Easy to install and you never have to turn on or off. The little solar panels conveniently stick into the ground and really don't need to see much sun, just daylight, really, to work. However, if you're looking for garish bright white, then this is not the one. This one more of a calm, pale sort of light.

Another neat option is these solar net lights Beautiful and decorative!

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