Solar Powered Flood Lights

Solar Powered Flood Lights
Light your night activities, with piece of sun

This gadget would make outdoor activities and games a lot better at night without having to run extension cords across your lawn and tripping people all over the place.

The Solar Powered Flood Light is a powerful flood light which you can leave outside all day to charge up then use for brilliant light at night.

The light is required to be attached to the included solar panel which usually has a 10'-20' long cable so you could put the panel where it would gather the most sun while the light can be put in a more practical area. It’s perfect for mounting on the side of your house so you could attach it to the solar panel on the roof.

It is also a smart light as it has both a motion sensor and a light sensor so it is only turned on when there is motion within 23' of the light and it is a certain level of darkness. You can adjust the light sensitivity so you can choose when the light should turn on. This would also be perfect as a security light as it activates when people are near.

It’s also amazing at storing power since it can go for 2 weeks with very little sun. So even if it’s a long cloudy spell, you can still have your light at night.

The price of this solar flood light is variable from $40 for inexpensive Chinese to $100 for really endurable product.

Modified to Solar Powered Guard Lights

It can be modified to a guard lights by integrating a motion sensor in usually ($10-$20 over)

This motion activated lighting system is ideal for guarding your property against thieves and vandals. It is designed to turn on automatically at night when motion is detected (detection distance is up to 60 feet.) and will turn off approximately 90 seconds after the motion stops(period is adjustable on $20 sensors).

There is a lighting sensor which will activate light only when it is dark, as a variant there are motion-sensors that has simple clocks inside and you just set a time zone when sensor will turn on the lamp.

Recommended Solar Flood Light

solar powered flood lights This solar flood light has the motion-sensing light which is triggered when you enter its 23-foot range, so it can light your way without staying on all night. There's no electricity needed to power the Solar Powered Flood Lights. With no wires to run, you can install this solar light in minutes. This solar light will even work in cloudy weather, up to two weeks without any sunlight! A built-in photocell lets the Solar-Powered Floodlight know when it's dark, so it won't waste battery and bulb life by burning during daylight hours.

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