Solar Powered Lamp Post

Solar Powered Lamp Post
Perfect landscape design attributes
Easy to install free to use.

Solar lamp post is made from a variety of materials, such as plastic, metal or stainless steel. These lamp posts are also available with 2 or 3 lights.

Using efficient solar-powered technology, the solar post light receive their energy from built-in batteries charged daily by the sun, which in turn light the 4-8 super-bright LED bulbs.

Each solar lamp post comes with series which will fit perfectly your garden design or matches your yard appearence. No maintenance usually required because lamp postes are powder-coated cast-aluminum or dur-alluminium post and frame.

The lamps are weather resistant & won't rust. Photo-diode equipped, the solar lamp post turns on at dusk and off at dawn, automatically.

Solar Lamp Post Features:

Solar powered lamp Posts are elegant and energy-efficient. They have a mechanism that is turning on and off the lights when it is dark or bright. Is adjustable.

2-8 super-bright LED bulbs are powered by the built-in, solar-powered batteries. There are a wide variety of lights to choose from as well as a variety of applications.

  • Solar walkway lights, light up paths or walkways.
  • Solar spotlights light up trees and other outdoor features.
  • Solar Shed lights light up remote storage sheds with easy installation and minimal wiring.
  • Solar address lights are self explanatory and there are even patio umbrellas with solar lights for that dinner party on the deck after sunset.

The solar post lights usually come in sets but the number of lights in a set varies. Some have two per set; some have four and some six. Prices seem to vary considerably with some sets costing $30 to $40 and others closer to $100. The difference in cost is reflected by the quality and brightness of the lights, how long they will last and styling.

Solar Powered Lamp PostThis Solar Lamp Post has a solar panel in Mono-crystal Silicon with Aluminum Die-casting Post material. Working Voltage : 3.6V 900mAh. Works with 2 rechargeable Ni-cd "AA" size batteries.

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