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Solar Powered LED Walkway Lights

by A E Mouat
(Gainesville, FL)

Solar Powered LED Walkway Lights

Solar Powered LED Walkway Lights

I really, really like these lights. I like that the light is quite bright and that I can put them almost anywhere I like.

Right now, I have 6 illuminating my driveway and walkway at night. These lights have a nice, compact design and came with rechargeable AA batteries in them (nickel-cadmium). They charged within one day and were ready to go that night. To make things even better, the package was less than $20.00 for 6 lights!

I also really enjoy the fact that I can illuminate that part of my driveway and walkway areas for safety reasons at no other cost than the original outlay for the lights.

The LED bulbs really last a long time, and that they aren't affected by the constant off and on cycles of the lights. Sometimes, the rechargeable batteries need to be replaced, but that's not a big deal, or a big expense. These lights are very environmentally friendly, too, because they are made of recycled materials and there is no mercury in the LED, as there can be with other low-energy bulbs like the compact fluorescent.

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