Solar Powered Oven

Solar Powered Oven
Now you can cook using solar sun.

Solar Powered Oven

An idea of this type of oven lying on collecting the sun rays into one point. Collecting surface should be parabolic placed and bended enough to place it's parabolic focus on the cooking object.

Surface should be metallic because metal reflects infrared (heating rays from the sun light spectrum ) rays better than ordinary mirror because on ordinary mirror there is a glass over metal layer and thermal rays are mostly adsorbed by glass.

Russian scientist Lebedev once tried to make a parabolic mirror boiler and in it's focus he got over 600 degrees.

To make a Solar Powered Oven, You will need:

  • 1 pizza box from a local pizza store
  • tape or non-toxic glue
  • scissors
  • black construction paper
  • clear plastic
  • aluminum foil
  • wooden dowel or ruler

Directions to make a Solar Powered Oven:

  1. Draw a border (at least one inch) around all four sides of the top of a pizza box. Cut along three sides leaving the line along the back of the box uncut.

  2. Gently fold the flap back along the uncut edge to form a crease. Wrap the underside (inside) face of this flap with aluminum foil. Tape or glue it so that the foil is held smoothly and firmly with not too much tape showing on the foil side of the flap

  3. Open the box and line the bottom with black construction paper. Tape it along the edges.

  4. Cut a piece of plastic an inch larger than the lid opening on the box top. Tape it on the underside of the lid opening. (Heavy plastic laminate works best, but if you must use plastic wrap, make sure it is pulled tight.)

  5. Add another piece of plastic to the top of the lid opening. This creates an insulating layer of air to keep heat in the box.

  6. You are almost done! The solar oven has to sit at an angle facing the sun directly so you'll need to make a prop. Also, the flap of the box top needs to be propped open - a dowel or ruler works well. This way you can change the amount of sunlight striking the oven window.

    Cooking Tips:

    This shallow solar oven is ideal for heating S'mores, English muffin pizzas, warming store-bought cookies or biscuits. It won't get super hot, though, so you can't bake or cook things in it.

    On a sunny day, pick a treat to warm up. Carry it and the box outside to a sunny spot. You may want to lay a folded towel, blanket, or thick newspaper underneath the box for insulation.

    Open the box, put the treat in the center, and close the box. Now open the flap and turn the box so the foil is facing the sun. The shadow of the flap should go straight back from the back of the box. Move the flap up and down and note how it reflects the sunlight.

    Use a dowel, ruler, or stick to prop up the flap so that it bounces the sunlight into the box. Wait about a half hour for the box to warm up in the sun. Then enjoy your warmed-up treat!

    Watch this homemade solar cookers video!

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