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Pros, Cons And What To Look For When Buying

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solar security lights

Solar security lights are rapidly becoming a viable alternative to regular, electrical or battery-powered security lights. They are not good for all situation, but for many.

This article will walk you through the main pros and cons of solar powered security lights, what to look for before buying a certain product and when solar security lights are not likely to meet your requirements.

Why And When To Buy Solar Security Lights

How Solar Lights Work

Since the sun obviously isn't shining in the dark, all solar security lights come with a battery. The battery is charged by a solar panel during daytime, and the stored electricity is then used for lightning at night.

The batteries usually last about 2 years before they have to be replaced and most products have batteries that can be replaced (definitely something to check before buying). The charging capacity for these products is ever increasing with new product development and while a maximum of 4 hours was common a few years ago, you will now be able to find products that can provide up to 10 hours of uninterrupted light.

The latest technology LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) are quite bright, although still not as bright as a usual light bulb, draw very little current and last a very long time, typically up to 50,000 hours. Compared to regular light bulbs they use very little energy.

A light bulb converts about 5 percents of the absorbed energy to light and a LED about 83 percents, which is rapidly leading to LED technology in solar security lights taking over the market completely. You can read more about the advantages of LEDs here.

Features To Look For

A major advantage with solar outdoor lights in general compared to regular outdoor lights, is that they require no wiring. They are often easy to install. Just find a location that gets ample sunlight and place the solar panel there. (Following placement directions provided by the producer is key to a well-functioning product!)

Usually a security sunlight set is equipped with a 10'-20' extension cord which make the lights available in whatever place you decide to set them.

Depending on price level, you will of course find solar powered security lights of varying quality. More expensive lights are often worth investing in, because they produce brighter light and are more durable. Some products are also more weather-sensitive than others, so if you live in a rainy place, make sure to ask about weather resilience.

Some of the light sets come with a work-time regulator, in addition to motion detectors with which you can specify the time frame for motion sensor to work; possibly saving battery and LED life span.

Prices are coming down even for quality products, and you can a good solar security light for less than $50. The more expensive products may however have better sensor sensitivity, battery capacity, quality and size of solar panels. So shop around.

When They Serve Their Purpose (And Not)

solar powered security light with motion detector
Solar motion sensor lights are great for gates, garages, pathways, and sheds, especially when a small to medium size area need to be illuminated. The light automatically turn on when motion is detected within 10 feet, or further away for some products.

Solar security lights may not be what you are looking for if you need really bright light, or if you need to illuminate a large area. If you expect a "flashlight strong" light, you still need a regular security light.

Also, some products are not working really well in rain, so you should at least check that with the seller unless you can place the security light in protected place under a roof overhang, for example.

You can check out one quality solar security light here; called "Concept SL-100 32-LED Solar-Powered Security Light with Motion Detector".

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