Solar Shed Light

Solar Shed Light
Make a perfect lighting system around your house.

Solar Shed Light

The market today are full of well-research and fast- growing technologies products covered almost all sectors even within in micro-way looks.

In solar industry, solar shed lights are a comparatively fresher product on the present market. It become complete with a small solar panel, a solar panel mount, a battery, an interior light and a wire that connects the battery to the interior light.

Lighting shed solar system works by capturing the suns energy with the solar panel and turning that into 12 volt electricity. Those electrical charges are transferred to a battery for storage. At night it runs with its internal battery. It is all fairly simple and straight forward.

The attractive thing about lighting shed solar system is that they needs very low rating voltage so no possibility to get electric socks while installation. And they are very easy to install and also less expensive.

There are two different types dependent upon your needs

  • The first is ideal if you need an occasional light in the shed for finding items without damaging yourself or treading on next year's seedlings. It comprises just low value LEDs, solar panel and re-chargeable batteries. A good value LED type solar shed light will work out at about $30 - $140. It depending upon how extensive a scheme you require.
  • Second would be lights that are accurate for a shed, a boat house, a green house or a barn where no electricity runs to it. It is very inconvenient to try to search through a storage shed or a barn at night with a flashlight in hand. And that would be perfect to use solar shed light.

Things you should notice when buying solar shed lights

  • The type of lights that it use - Some of them use fluorescent tubes while others use Halogen or Xenon bulbs. The best would be LED. Because it is last longer and brighter. And most important that you don't need to do the replacement, while others you should.

  • The Battery - Because it can wore out someday, you should look for a replacement. If you're using LED, the more LED lights you use the more batteries you need and it will cost you more. For example Some solar shed light use 6 while other maybe use up to 24 LED lights. LED lights is very small and if you use only 6 your light will not quite bright especially if you're using it for larger area and of course it will need a lot of batteries to operate. So it's better to have a solar shed with replaceable battery.

  • The duration - Mostly solar shed will operate around 2 to 4 hours with a full charge.

Out of many products in the market, one best model that I'd recommended, I am sure you will like it with its performance and its beauty looks.

This LED shed light features 10 bright LED's that are powered via a solar panel. The panel can be placed in direct sunshine with the included 20-foot extension cord. Mount the light on the ceiling or wall for maximum flexibility, or use it as a utility light for a work bench. A pull chain allows easy on and off. A switch on the body lets you select between 10 LED's that last 2 hours, or 5 LED's that last 4 hours. The LED's have an average rated life of 100,000 hours, ensuring years of continuous use. The solar panel has a glass cover for protection in wet locations. Includes three AA rechargeable batteries and all mounting hardware.

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