Solar Street Lamp

Solar Street Lamp - Make the place around you safe and lighted 24/7 and don't pay for electricity.

There is nothing strange in solar lamp. All the people around the world are pre-occupied with an environment protection and lowering their bills.

Humans have discovered that solar powered street lighting are cheaper and really more productive than usual ones grid-powered lighting.

There are a tons of arguments why solar is better when it comes to street lighting and lightening at all we usually measuring them as an environmental, money saving, installation ease and cheapness.

The Facts:

  • Lighting do not need that much of energy as all house it eat a lot less. The problem is that it is not really rational run another power station for street lights specifically.

  • Behind the high price for solar panel and ultra-capable battery we don't see that the summarized cost of a solar street lamp is a lot less compared to an old-fashioned grid-powered-light.

Of course you need it for a long term probably a life-term and once happened installation problems don't seem to bother you but, an installation cost is the biggest outlay.

People forget to mention that installing a grid-pole may be very expensive and difficult because measured by wires especially when street lamp is supposed to be far away from grid lines. And I didn't mention a number of people and arrangements hired to provide and operate those street lamps.

While solar street lamp is maintenance-free, can be installed everywhere and no need in those electro-stations, there are no monthly bills.

It works very simple it takes light, it accumulates light, it gives light. Solar panels are generating an electricity from the sunshine by absorbing photons from sunlight and converting their moving energy to an energy of moving electrons which is charging a battery. As simple as ABC.

Solar street lights appear in metal stainless casing with width variation (12 ~ 48) feet, with complectation of 5-8 LED lights, Solar panel set and a battery. Solar streetlight is more reliable when appear with wind-mill generator which can provide additional electricity on sunless winter days.

Solar power is clean power. There is no fossil-fueled power station, no nuclear power plant involved. Solar lamp networks are clean to install and clean to run. The entire environment benefits from the use of these solar lights. With all the millions of miles of roads and streets in the world, installing solar street lighting can make a huge difference to the earth.

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