Solar water purifier

Solar water purifier
tasteless but healthier

Water is life, it is fact but when this water gets infected and polluted then it can even take your life too. So you should be careful while drinking the water.

We all know that when water is tasteless and colorless then it is almost pure. But generally it’s hard to find out whether the water we are drinking is pure or not.

So why to take chance, install water purifier in your home and give your family and healthy life. You can find lots of water purifying system in the market but they are somewhat costly in general.

If you are very keen to install a water purifying system in your home then you can go for solar purifying water system. It is very easy to prepare with low investment.

Basic principle of solar water purification system

Solar water purifier uses distillation process for purifying the water. Sunlight can easily evaporates the water and thus various salts, microorganisms and dirt will remain left. Collect the evaporated water in other container which will be almost 95% pure.

Components required for solar water purification:

  • A wooden reservoir for water collection.
  • Reflective materials like aluminum.
  • Plain glass sheet.
  • Insulating material like white foam.
  • Dark paint and glue.
  • A tray which have the property to absorb the sunlight.

Installation of solar water purification

Solar water purifierNow at the beginning you need to make all the components perfect so that once solar water purifier got installed it should work properly and no further modification requires.

At the starting you should paint the reservoir with black color so that perfect insulation occurs. For the betterment of insulation you need to glue insulating material at the bottom of the reservoir.

Now use the reflecting material and install it at the side and back of the wooden reservoir. This is to be done for the sake of perfect reflection inside the reservoir.

Whenever the sunlight enters the reservoir all of it should be reflected at the bottom. A perfect reflector can increase the efficiency of the solar water purifier to 50%.

Now you have to place the tray filled with contaminated water inside the box. Cover the box with glass at the top and place it, in such a direction that most of the sunlight falls on it.

How a Water Purifier Works

When set up gets done, the process will begin inside the reservoir. All the sunlight will be reflected inside the reservoir and thus evaporation will start.

During this process, only water gets evaporated because it has relatively lower boiling point. Salts and micro-organisms remain there untouched. The water vapors get condensed over the glass and drips down into the catch trough.

The full tray gets evaporated and purified water is collected at the bottom leaving the tray full with chemicals and salts. At the starting, there would be some kind of smell in the water but after two weeks there won’t be any smell and you will get only tasteless and colorless water which means purified water.


Water is life so why to take chance. Many people are dying yearly just because of drinking impure water. With the help of solar water purifier, you can give the purest form of water to your family without using more cash.

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