Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Swimming pool solar panels
Still playing with 110V heaters in your swimming pool?

Swimming Pool Solar Panels

We all know that solar panels are generating electricity from the sunshine by absorbing photons from sunlight and converting their moving energy to an energy of moving electrons.

This technology was founded in 1954. And now it is becoming more and more possible to utilize the heat energy of sun in a efficient way. There is a sun spectrum which shines with an x-rays, radiation, ultra-violet, visible, infra-red and all kinds of radio waves. Solar panels give us a possibility to use all of those parts of spectrum to do heating. By converting their energy to an electricity and heat using special tens, like in a usual bulb or electric ovens.

Usually more than 36 V with our outlet strengths of circuit is enough to overpower human heart and stop it especially in wet environment. So stop playing games and lower your electricity bills with eco-friendly technology based on converting sunlight into electricity named solar panels tension of which doesn't exceed 5 Volts. And the main idea is that there is no problem installing those panels.

They come in nice germetic casing with all possible ways to attach them to your pool. These solar swimming pool heaters are extremely safe and reliable enough to be used for heating pool water.

Moreover, the best feature of solar swimming pool heaters is that they are able to last for a considerably longer period of time i.e. the water gets heated for a considerably longer period. You can completely modify your pool to a solar powered by upgrading your pool pumps to a solar powered pool pumps which will essentially cut your bills because you can equip your solar pool pump with extra capable battery ( there is a need for pools not to stop flow) like the trucks have and with the panel, known as the Alubond Solar Collector Panel (SCP). Which is 50% more productive than ordinary panels.

Whether you use your pool for recreation, relaxation or for your health, a warm pool adds to your comfort. You can now enjoy a heated pool and swim longer by harvesting nature's bountiful solar energy. An efficient solar heater warms your pool, adding pleasure for your family and friends. It also adds months to your swimming season, wherever you live.

Other heaters saddle you with a monthly gas or electric bill--the sun's energy is free! Only with a solar heater can you enjoy a comfortable pool seven days a week with complete freedom from fuel costs. As a bonus, you may find that in just two or three years your solar heater has paid for itself with these fuel savings. Few other products pay for themselves.

So that your pool pump can work whole week on one day charge. That is absolutely possible with DC water pumps. A DC water pump is designed to pump using the absolute minimum of electrical power.

There is a battery to store the power, usually Lithium Ion or more commonly Nickel Metal Hydride. These batteries last about 2 years before they have to be replaced. Just find a location that gets ample sunlight, and silicone based monocrystal - photovoltaic solar panel will charge battery usually 600-750 mAh charge capacity with small-tension current approximately 4-5 V.

Although, it may appear as the entire process of setting up a swimming pool solar panels, is quite a complex and costly one. The entire process very seldom and can easily be afforded by every individual who owns a pool, irrespective of their budget.

Diagram of swimming pool solar panels

swimming pool solar panels

To make it easy for you there is a DVD instruction which you can buy. Buy "Do It Yourself Solar Panels for Swimming Pools" DVD

The best thing about installing a swimming pool solar panels is that there are some states, which even offer tax incentives to organizations, clubs and hotels for installing solar water heaters in their premises as it allows cutting down on electricity costs and power consumption.

Another system basically uses flexible tubing in which the water for your pool goes through. The tubing is suspended in the front area of reflectors that catch the heat from the sun and transfers the heat to the water it contains. During cold weather, the heat is protected from escaping by incorporating polythene sheets as lining within the tubing.

Halved storm water piping is typically used for reflectors. It is important to increase the reflective powers and you may opt to paint the piping with chrome. Pond pumps are typically used to circulate the hot water through the pool, however a better alternative is to use a solar electric pump. Solar electric pumps are more expensive, but in the long run, it is cheaper. Do not forget that you investing in the environment.

Swimming Pool Solar Panels for above ground pool

Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Buy Swimming Pool Solar Panels

Solar swimming pool heaters for in ground pool

solar swimming pool heaters

Buy Solar swimming pool heaters

Both Solar swimming pool heaters is designed to raise the temperature of your pool water by up to 10 degrees F or more. It utilizes your existing pool pump to circulate water through the solar collectors, heat it by the sun, and return it to the pool through the existing fitting.

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