The Wisconsin Solar Power Incentives

Wisconsin Solar Power Incentive
How To be eligible for these incentives and grants

Wisconsin is situated in the north central part of United States. The city has a perfect location for receiving maximum solar energy.

Summer time will be the golden time for the various solar power plants because during this time of the year, Wisconsin receives around 75% of the annual solar energy received by the famous Arizona desert.

Wisconsin has proved itself as one of the major solar energy store house because of its excellent geographical location and thoughtful government policies.

Wisconsin Solar Energy Systems

For Wisconsin, two types of solar projects are suitable. One is photovoltaic cells (PV) and the other one is solar hot water systems. Summer season will be the most beneficial time for the PV system because the annual peak of solar radiation occurs during this time.

Wisconsin has implemented advanced versions of PV cells in many places. They are crystalline PV systems which can easily trap most of the sunlight even in the winter season. So during a sunny winter day, crystalline PV systems produce their maximum output which will be far greater than the similar situation in Arizona's desert.

Solar hot water systems (SWH) are also well known among Wisconsin's households. These systems are used to heat the water during winter seasons. The pipes used for water transportation contain propylene glycol solution that is used to heat the water.

The government and higher authorities of Wisconsin are very interested in solar harvesting systems. Higher officials are planning to build a solar energy demonstration project on the port of Wisconsin. The government is also planning to install solar panels to each and every building so that usage of ordinary electricity is reduced.

Wisconsin Solar Power Incentive and Rebates

Wisconsin is one of the most promising states in US regarding various solar power grants. If someone wants to install a solar power system in their home, they can apply for incentives and rebates. Any person installing a PV system that produces less 20kW of energy can get 25% of the project cost with a maximum reward of $35,000.

For a nonprofit and government project, incentives will reach 35% of the cost project with $50,000 as the maximum reward.

For those who are willing to install a solar hot water (SWH) system in their home, they can get a maximum rebate of 25% of the project cost with a reward of $2,500. But if any project produces more than 250 therms per year then they can get around $35,000 as reward.

Net Metering

Solar thermal electric and PV systems up to 20 kW are eligible for Wisconsin net metering. There is NO limit on overall enrollment.

Investor-owned and municipal utilities must comply and the treatment of net-excess generation (NEG) varies by utility. NEG is generally credited to the customer's future bills at the retail rate. If the NEG surplus exceeds $25, then the utility must write the customer a check.

Several Wisconsin utilities also have solar buy-back programs which are worth taking a look at. See the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE).

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