Advantages of solar energy

Top 10 Advantages of solar energy

If we see the present scenario of world, we can easily guess that everywhere a situation of chaos is there. Every country is in the race of exploitation of better energy source.

Now people came to know about the life of the existing energy sources. They know that most of the energy sources that are being used excessively by them are in end stage.

So in this context, solar energy can prove itself as a renewable source of energy which can never get finished till the earth exists. Sun possesses ample amount of energy in it which can be used in different forms for the improvement of mankind. So here we will discuss about some of the major advantages of solar energy.

10 Advantages of solar energy are:

  1. Renewable: The most fascinating part of solar energy is it is a renewable source of energy. There is no end of sunlight. So use it as much you like.

  2. Heat energy: Sunlight have ample amount of heat energy in it which can be used in various form. Til the date, we are using coal and thermal energy for production of electricity but we all know coal is going to finish very soon. Thermal energy also requires high input so in that respect solar energy can be proved to be a fruitful option.

  3. Clean: solar energy is pure and clean compared to most other existing source of energies. Like, if we use coal energy then it emits carbon dioxide which is very harmful to both mankind and environment. Solar energy does not produce any kinds of green house gases which is very satisfactory.

  4. Availability: solar energy is available to everyone. It is not restricted to some countries as like coal or radioactive elements. Every country is getting the same solar energy and that too be abundantly.

  5. Cheap: Apart from production and occasional maintenance, solar energy is very cheap to handle.

  6. Eco friendly: solar energy has no disadvantages like producing harmful gases or dangerous end products like other sources.

  7. Safe to handle: solar energy is not that much reactive like nuclear energy and coal energy. It is very easy to handle and creates no side effects too.

  8. Calm energy: solar energy is very rare to produce any kind of noises. It is one of the silent sources of energy. Solar panels won’t disturb your neighbors by producing some annoying sounds. It means both you and your neighbor will maintain a good relation.

  9. Easy to maintain: solar panels won’t require that much care because there is nothing much technical work in it. So no regular technical check up.

  10. Free: solar energy is absolutely free. So feel free to use at the max.


Only one thing can be said regarding solar energy and that is, it is free and abundant so use how much you want to use.

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