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Solar tube skylights
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solar tube skylight

solar tube lightingIt is not a secret that usual daylight lamps give pulsating light and are tiresome for our eyes. "Yellow" usual light bulb is not really the best for eyes either. On the other hand, most people feel comfortable in real outdoor daylight, as long as it is not too bright.

It's a pity but our social life and progress want most of humans to be away from mother nature and as a consequence away from sunlight. But human is still alive and dominating over all forms of being on earth because of it's creativity. And we are glad to introduce to you a piece of natural sun lights in your place - The solar tube lighting.

Skylights are a great addition to any house, as they bring in more natural light - cutting down on artificial light electricity costs, as well as promoting good health for a home’s occupants.

Unfortunately, however, skylights are hard to install in most pre-built homes because they require so much roof real estate. Also, unless the sun is at the right angle and there are absolutely no clouds in the sky, skylights don't always illuminate a space in a way that makes their cost worthwhile.

This is how it works

The sun is shining on a special refractor (special glass with focal ribs on it) which is refracting direct sunlight while it is able to reach it. It is made as a satellite antenna so it gathers sunlight whatever azimuth it is.

After the refractor has gathered the sun rays, the light moves through the tube whatever shape it is. Mirrors inside the pipe are reflecting the light right to the your ceiling hole and lens concentrating and distributing natural sun light all over the room you can still attach chandelier.

Usually solar tube lighting or solar tunnels come in different sizing from compact 10" to a gigantic 24".

On sunny days the solar tube can provide the equivalence of 738 Watts of incandescent light. Even on cloudy days, the solar tube skylight can provide 100 to 180 watts of illuminate.

Seamless flashing are fabricated as a single piece to ensure leak proof performance and suit virtually any roof type and pitch, including corrugated, metal and tiled roofs.

There are tables which will help you to choose size of a tunnel(usually the distributor/seller have it). You should mention how much square feet are there in the room and what is the height of the ceiling. It is not likely to make a bedroom to bright and no use in a big room of a small tunnel.

The bitter side of those tunnels is that you cannot always turn off the sun and they are really hard to install and there is no possibility to use them in skyscrapers and on any building on the lower floor. Some solar tubes firms will even put ordinary lights inside your solar chandelier for night time lighting.

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