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Indoor Solar Lighting Using Fiber Optics

Newest Development To Bring Sunlight Indoors

indoor solar lighting Parans
Fiber optics is the latest way to create indoor solar lighting. Now you can really bring the outdoors in and experience the presence of natural light in rooms where you work, live, love and learn. Parans, a Swedish company, collects sunlight outdoors and brings it inside using fiber optic cables.

The ability to transport sunlight from outdoors inside has many benefits.

  • Natural light encourages increased alertness.
  • Productivity increases by 6 - 16 percent when natural light is added to a workplace.
  • Sunlight gives improved visibility from improved light, better color rendering, and the absence of flickering from electrical lighting.
  • Pure sunlight is dynamic and has a full spectrum that triggers the ganglion cells, which controls levels of melatonin and cortisol which is important for synchronizing the body clock.
  • Solar lighting is environmentally friendly.

How does the system work? Parans has a patented solar sun collecting system. Solar panels collect sunlight outdoors. The collected sunlight is transported inside a building through the Parans optical Cables into a Parans lighting fixture which disperses the light. This technology is called Fiber Optic Solar Lighting.

The Parans solar panel can be mounted on roofs or facades and uses a collection of optical lenses to collect and concentrate incoming sunlight. It installs easily and integrates with building surfaces to allow for architectural integrity, although the system should still be installed professionally.

The Parans optical cable is made of several fiber optic strands. The cable is thin and flexible and because of the high light transmission, sunlight can effi ciently reach many locations deep inside buildings.

Parans Luminaires

The sunlight enters a room through a Parans luminaire (Light fixture) which is specifically designed to give the feeling of real sunlight. There are several different fixtures that are available so you can match the fixture to the specific use and design of the room it will be installed in.

If you want to investigate an effective way to utilise indoor solar lighting, visit the Parans site for more information: Their products are sold world-wide through authorized dealers. Contact Parans for a list of dealers in your area.

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