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We all know that solar panels prove to be more effective on the roof than mounted on the ground or window. There are several factors to be considered before you put them on the top. But, if your roof is not suitable, but you have a nice garage with a proper roof, can’t we use the garage roof?

Can I Put Solar Panels on my garage roof? Yes. Solar panels can be put on your garage roof, provided the top is suitable for solar panels. If your garage can be more functional than it used to be, why not make it worthwhile. You can use the electricity generated to power your garage or link it to the circuit where the unused power could be sent to the grid. You can also make the off-grid solar power garage and store the excess electricity in the batteries.

This article discusses how to effectively use the garage roof for installing solar panels, considerations, and advantages of the solar-powered garage.

Where can You Place Solar Panels?

Before deciding where to place your solar panel, let us explore the primary conditions that indicate that the place is best suitable.

  • The place should not be shaded.
  • There must be a clear view without any obstructions
  • The structure must be appropriate.
  • Strong roof
  • Need to comply with local laws and regulations

Well, the roof includes any roof. There are strict rules in certain countries where the authorities do not allow installing the panels on the garage roof. If there are any such rules, make sure you follow them to avoid violations.

Is My Garage suitable for Solar panels?

It would help if you considered specific criteria before deciding to put up the solar panels on your old garage roof. Your roof must be able able to support the panels. There are no exclusive conditions specific to the garage roof, but certain general criteria must be considered. Let us look at each of them.

Roof Orientation

The roof must face the south side to get maximum sunlight. If your roof is north-oriented, it is still okay; your solar panel will be able to get sound output, though not as much as the south.

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If your roof is not inclined towards both sides, you need to consider your decision. There is another situation where you might not know which direction is the top facing. In that case, please use a compass or a mobile application to find out.


Your garage roof must be elevated well to get maximum sunlight. The garage roofs are usually flat or low-pitched. The average recommended elevation is 40 degrees, while 20 degrees works well during summer. During spring, you might need a 45-degree elevation. 

Don’t worry if your roof is flat or low-pitched. You can use the brackets to adjust the pitch of the panel. Some systems can track the sun’s movement and accordingly move the panels. However, this is on the costlier side.


Checking on the shade that covers your garage roof is an essential factor to be considered. The solar panels absorb maximum sunlight to produce electricity, and the sunlight has to fall on the surface of the panels at all times. 

If your roof is going to be shaded and avoids sunlight, there is no use in putting up the solar panels in the garage roof. Some parts of solar panels will be shaded over the day, but a shady roof cannot support that.

You need to observe your roof and check whether shade can hinder you. Trimming off the branches could help in clearing the shade.

Roof Strength

The roof is the base upon which the panels are to be mounted. It would be best to get the garage roof inspected by professionals before putting the panels on top.

If your roof is weaker, make sure you revamp it before installing the panels. While a single panel might not be so heavy, bringing many panels together along with the brackets and other tools might severely damage your roof.

Benefits of Putting the Solar panels on Garage Roof

Putting the solar panels on the garage roof brings several benefits for you and the garage. Let us look in detail at each of the positive outcomes. 

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Lower Utility Bills

One of the advantages of installing a solar panel is to reduce the usage of grid energy and use self-produced electricity. . This holds good if your solar panel is installed anywhere irrespective of roof, ground, window, or garage roof. 

The benefit of Unused Energy

You can connect the solar panels in the garage roof to the grid using a circuit. When you have excess electricity remaining in the grid, you can send it to the local utility authorities by agreeing with them to sell electricity.

You would either get paid for the transfer of credit for the electricity bill. Either of them will benefit you immensely.

Increase in value of property

This is a mixed benefit. Sometimes you reap it; sometimes, you don’t. Solar panels are becoming a recent sensation, and they should undoubtedly increase the value of your property. But, the property’s value is determined based on the utility that people will get. The utilities depend on each one’s preferences. There are three types of the viewpoint of buyers.

  • Buyers who like and prefers the solar panels on the roof or garage
  • Buyers who feel it is a problem rather than a benefit
  • Buyers who don’t even care or notice that solar panels are attached.

To reap the benefit or not depends on the mindset of the buyer. Nevertheless, you can have a point to strike a higher deal.

Low Maintenance

If your garage roof suits you well for solar panels, then the maintenance cost of the panels is going to be fixed at the bare minimum. Later in this article, we shall discuss the maintenance activities to keep the panels working strong.

Lower Carbon Footprint

Solar energy is a renewable energy source and does not emit carbon to the environment. The more we rely on natural power, the less dependent on grid electricity, and solar energy is 95% cleaner than coal.

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries are very useful in storing the energy generated for later use. You get to use the solar power immediately and keep the remaining part in the solar batteries to be used when the sunsets. 

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Some countries have trailed installing solar batteries in e-cars. Whatever energy remains in the battery at the end of the day is sold to the grid. 

How to Maintain Solar Panels?

To maintain the panels’ durability and keep the maintenance cost to a minimum, you must undertake certain activities at regular intervals. Let us look at the activities.


It would help if you kept the panels free from dirt and debris. If your panel looks more flatter, it gives a call for cleaning.

If the surface of the panels is covered with other particles, the panel might not be able to work in optimum capacity. 

There are high chances that you might damage your panels while cleaning. Make sure you use soft brushes to push away the dirt. Warm water and soft brushes are the best tools for effective cleaning without damaging the panels.

Inverter Service

Make sure you do regular inverter maintenance. The inverter is the main equipment that converts solar energy into electricity, and servicing the inverter means maintaining the same level of operating capacity.

Take Away

The key takeaway from this article is, you can put the solar panels on your garage roof if your garage roof permits it. All the general rules which apply to your house roof also apply to the garage roof. It would be best if you were extra careful about the strength of the top.

The garage usually is away from the main house. But, that does not make it unfit for solar panels. If you identify that the garage is not fit for solar panels, make sure you renovate them before putting the solar panels.

Many homeowners take things quickly about the roof condition. If you don’t do it well in advance, it will cost you much more to do it later.