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Most of the solar panels are mounted on the racks in the roof. There is a small gap between the panels and the top. This space helps air circulation and rotates the heat generated from the panels into the air. This also keeps the roof away from excess heat. The area also gives room for birds to build their nest.

How to Keep the Birds away from Solar Panels? You can keep the birds away using several techniques like netting, meshing, decoy, and spikes, and they ensure that birds do not meddle with your solar panels. 

Solar panels involve heavy upfront investment. Being installed at the roof and out of sight, we don’t know what is happening upstairs. So, we need to understand how to identify and keep the birds away from the solar panels. This article will brief you about all you need to ensure your solar panels don’t serve as a nest.

Are Birds nesting under the solar panels a problem?

Yes. Birds nesting under solar panels is undoubtedly a problem, and birds can block the pipes and gutters with feathers. If the nest is dismantled, they may make the area messy and clog the pipes and tubes. Birds may leave feces around the site, which might increase the risk of Histoplasmosis, and this may lead to blindness if it gets spread and left untreated.

How to Stop Birds nesting under Solar Panels?

If you find that the birds are nesting under the solar panels, you need to make sure you take the necessary steps to stop it immediately.

1. Galvanised Mesh

Keeping the birds out of reach from solar panels covers the underneath area with galvanized metal mesh. The mesh covers the sides of the panels and prevents the birds from entering into them, and it also allows enough air circulation in the space. The mesh is climate tested and can withstand extreme climatic conditions for many years to come. 

If you are looking for a much more cost-effective option, we suggest going for bird netting. It does precisely the same job as Galvanised mesh, but it cannot withstand the adverse climate, and you might need to keep changing them frequently.

2. Decoy Animals

Decoy animals are one of the oldest yet effective ways to keep birds from solar panels. You can use the decoy of the owl and place them near the solar panels. Most birds are scared of owls and will resist entering the panel. The major problem with a decoy is that if you leave the owl decoy in the same place for many days, the birds may identify that the owl is dead. So, you need to keep changing the placement now and then, which is not practical.

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Instead, you may also try using rubber snakes spread across the roof and the panels. Birds are petrified with snakes’ looks, which is a much more effective way to keep the birds away from the solar panels. They are also cost-effective as you get the decoy and the rubber snakes at minimal costs. They do not disturb the aesthetics of the building structure too.

3. Spikes

Spikes are also commonly used to prevent birds from entering the solar panels. They are effortless to set up on the roof but indeed dampen the look of your building.

Moreover, spikes work efficiently only if combined with the metal mesh. If you cover the panel with the mesh and place the spike across them, the birds should ideally not even dare to land on your roof. 

4. Clean Yard

A Clean Yard never welcomes any bird as they do not find anything to eat. Make sure you keep the yard neat. Wash the area around the solar panels to clean the dirt and debris from time to time. 

Keep in mind that just cleaning the yard will not help. You need to use any other technique and keep the yard clean to get better results.

5. Pigeon Deterrents

There are a few pigeon deterrents that you can try on solar panels.

Electronic Pest Chasers

The EPC emits a high-frequency sound that birds hate, inaudible to human beings. If you set up these chasers in the roof, birds will no more roost in the roof.

Pigeon repellent gel

Pigeon repellent gel is similar to any other gel, and it is not harmful to the birds, but birds do not like them because they are sticky and feel trapped. If you spread the bottom of the panels with the gel, the birds will never build up their house in the stickiness.

6. Sheathing

The sheathing is yet another common way to keep the birds off. You can use the PVC to build an angled roof around your solar panels, and PVC material is usually slippery. 

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If birds land on the PVC roof, they would feel slippery, and the angled roof will make them slide down. So, they won’t prefer roaming around your roof to build their nest.

How to Remove Bird’s Nest Safely?

This is a common question that many people do not consider before removing the nest from the roof. Because removing an active nest is illegal in many cases, and learning how to safely remove the bird`s nest is essential.

Before removing a nest, make sure it is legal to do so. An empty and inactive nest can be easily removed using cleaning products, gloves, and mask. However, it is not the case with active ones. You need to obtain the services of the professionals; else, you might end up being penalized.

Check the national and local laws about removing the bird`s nest based on your geographical location. In the united states, if the native species of birds have built up their nest in your roof, well, you need to know it’s illegal to remove them. However, if the nest is empty and no eggs are laid in, the removal is legal.

So, the first step in removing the bird’s nest is scrutinizing them if there are any eggs laid. Then you can follow any of the following methods to remove the nest.

  • The nest area might contain ticks, parasites, and other microorganisms that make you sick. So, make sure you wear gloves and a mask to remove the nest. 
  • If you find that the bird is active, identify the type of the bird and its subsequent nesting season. Depending on the species, most nests will be left alone after a few weeks of build-up—the excellent time to remove the nest in mid to late fall and winter.
  • Once you have removed the nest, make sure you clean the area thoroughly to remove the parasites and feces. You may try mixing nine parts of water with one part of bleach to soak and scrub the area.

Call the professionals if you find that the nest is active and needs to be removed immediately. There are several exterminating companies that are well equipped and can help you safely remove the bird`s nest for a fee. 

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Do not move the nest if you are unsure whether the nest is active or not.

What smell can keep the Birds away from the solar panels?

Can you believe that certain smells can keep the birds away from the solar panels? The following are some of the scents that the birds don’t love. Surprisingly, humans love a few of them.

  • Essential Oils
  • Garlic
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Chili
  • Vinegar
  • Bird Gel
  • Professional Products

What are the questions to be considered before choosing a Solar Panel Pest Control Company?

Before choosing the solar panel pest control company, make sure you ask the following questions.

  • Does the panel warranty protect the fixings?
  • How will the mesh be placed after the pest control?
  • Does the company hold a membership with the BPCA?
  • Check to verify if the company is CEPA / EN16636 certified.
  • Make sure that you treat the contaminated areas with a biocide.
  • If someone says they can complete the work quickly, think if they can do that. 
  • Similarly, when someone charges you less, think about the quality of the final product.

What Effect Will Fitting Bird Deterrents Have On The Solar Panels?

The effect of fitting the bird deterrents on your solar panels is impressive. A few of them are,

  • The increased output, which might otherwise have been hindered with the debris and feces 
  • Reduced DC cabling issues
  • No more broken panels are caused when the birds drop foreign objects on the solar panels.
  • Reduction in annual gutter cleaning bill.

Take Away

If your solar panels are left unattended from the bird`s nest, the panels might become less effective. You can use the above-mentioned preventive methods to keep the birds away from the panels. If you find active nests in the panels, make sure you contact the professionals to remove them from underneath the panels legally.

Keeping the solar panels clean and neat is essential to keep them working for several years to come. Keep your panels safe, use natural resources and save energy well.